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Tracking Two Storms Crossing the U.S. with Rain, Snow and Gusty Winds

A storm gathering strength over Texas today will shift to the Mid-Atlantic through Tuesday night. Areas of freezing rain and heavy snow will spread from the central Plains east into the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Further south, areas of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are possible from the southern Plains into the Ohio Valley. A Pacific storm will move into the Southwest Monday. Read More >

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Event Summary

A powerful spring storm system brought a multi-day severe weather outbreak across a large portion of the country during the April 27-30 timeframe. This outbreak started across the Central Plains on the 27th and slowly migrated eastward over the following two days. A large tornado outbreak occurred across the Lower MS River & TN River Valleys on the 28th. The event was capped on the 30th with additional severe weather and a historic flash flooding/heavy rain event along the AL, FL gulf coast where rainfall totals peaked between 15-25 inches!

Across the NWS Jackson, MS forecast area, the tornado outbreak on the 28th was the main event. This event was driven by a classic severe weather pattern with a strong fast moving jet stream and a deep surface cyclone over the central plains. These features helped to produce strong wind shear in the atmosphere which in turn combined with rich gulf moisture and setup a volatile atmospheric mix. Multiple supercell thunderstorms developed during the afternoon/evening and produced many instances of damaging wind and large hail along with multiple tornadoes. The most devastating tornado was the EF-4 which tore a path across NE Leake, the corners of Attala/Neshoba counties, and through the heart of Winston County where the city of Louisville was especially hard hit. This tornado was on ground for 34.3 miles and resulted in 10 fatalities and many injuries (official total unknown at this time). Other hard hit counties were Lowndes, Rankin, Hinds, Scott, Newton, Montgomery, Warren and Jones. Each of these counties experienced at least one tornado, some multiple tornadoes. Overall, 21 tornadoes have been confirmed across the forecast area. Of these tornadoes, 3 were rated EF-3, 3 rated EF-2, 12 rated EF1 and 2 rated EF-0. Below is a table that has more specific information on each tornado.

Regional Impacts

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  • NWS Memphis - Tupelo EF-3 tornado information
  • NWS Mobile - Gulf Coast flooding information
  • NWS Little Rock - Vilonia EF-4 tornado information
  • NWS Birmingham - Central Alabama tornado information
  • NWS Huntsville - North Alabama tornado information

Tornado Track Maps

Track Map

Click on map above to see entire event tracks and damage point notation.


Survey Information - Click on the location in the table for additional maps and details


Location Start/
End Time
Event Type Fatalities/
Path Length Path Width
Yazoo County
7 SE Holly Bluff
1:57 pm -
1:57 pm
EF-0 Tornado
70 mph
none 1/4 mile 50 yards
Montgomery County
7 SSE Winona to 3 WSW Kilmichael
2:51 pm -
2:56 pm
EF-1 Tornado
110 mph
none 3.3 miles 100 yards
Leake, Neshoba, Attala, and Winston counties
2 NE Renfroe to 5 NNE Louisville
3:51 pm -
4:47 pm
EF-4 Tornado
185 mph
Deaths: 10
Injuries: 4 in Leake/ unknown in Winston
34.3 miles 3/4 mile
Warren County
4.5 S Vicksburg to 5.25 SE Vicksburg
4:55 pm -
5:05 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
Injuries: 1 4.75 miles 200 yards
Hinds County
1.5 N Edwards to 6.25 NNW Clinton
5:20 pm -
5:42 pm
EF-1 Tornado
110 mph
none 13.75 miles 500 yards
Noxubee and Oktibbeha counties
7 SSW Oktoc to 4 W Crawford
5:14 pm -
5:29 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 7.5 miles 100 yards
Lowndes County
5:39 pm -
5:41 pm
EF-1 Tornado
90 mph
none 0.67 miles 100 yards
Hinds County
2 NW Utica to 4 NNW Dry Grove
5:48 pm -
6:05 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 10.9 miles 300 yards
Lowndes County
6 NNE Crawford to 2 SSW Columbus
5:53 pm -
6:15 pm
EF-2 Tornado
130 mph
none 10.4 miles 300 yards
Madison County
6 NW Madison to 6 NNW Madison
6:00 pm -
6:06 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 3.75 miles 200 yards
Lowndes County
1 SE Columbus to 2 SSE Steens
6:08 pm -
6:19 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 6.3 miles 250 yards
Madison County
3 SW Canton to 2 SW Canton
6:13 pm -
6:14 pm
EF-0 Tornado
80 mph
none 1.0 mile 75 yards
Lowndes County
3 SSE Steens to 3 SE Steens
(continues into AL)
6:18 pm -
6:21 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 1.9 mi (in MS) 100 yards
Hinds, Rankin, and Scott counties
3 W Richland to 4.5 E Pelahatchie
6:27 pm -
7:15 pm
EF-3 Tornado
155 mph
Deaths: 1
Injuries: 20
30.1 miles 400 yards
Lowndes County
5 S Columbus to 4 NE New Hope
(continues into AL)
6:38 pm -
6:54 pm
EF-2 Tornado
115 mph
none 8.3 mi (in MS) 300 yards
Leake County
4 W Madden to 1 NNE Madden
7:08 pm -
7:19 pm
EF-1 Tornado
110 mph
none 5.2 miles 100 yards
Scott County
2 E Forest to 3.5 WNW Lake
7:36 pm -
7:44 pm
EF-3 Tornado
140 mph
Deaths: 0
Injuries: 3
4.2 miles 150 yards
Newton County
4 NE Lake to 2 SW Decatur
7:58 pm -
8:12 pm
EF-1 Tornado
110 mph
none 9.75 miles 150 yards
Newton County
1 SE Decatur to 5 E Decatur
8:12 pm -
8:31 pm
EF-2 Tornado
125 mph
none 6.2 miles 400 yards
Newton and Lauderdale counties
6.5 W Suqualena to Bailey
8:35 pm -
8:55 pm
EF-1 Tornado
105 mph
none 13.7 miles 100 yards
Jones County
5 SW Sandersville to 5 E Sandersville
(continues into Wayne Co)
9:39 pm -
9:52 pm
EF-3 Tornado
145 mph
Deaths: 0
Injuries: 15
8.9 miles 1/2 mile


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