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With generally warm and dry conditions, this was a quiet fall weatherwise. The main story of the season was the development of drought, with severe drought in the Lake Cumberland region and moderate drought in other sections of central Kentucky and southern Indiana by the second half of the season.

September Summary

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November Summary

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 61.0° +1.1° 6.07" -4.93" 0 -0.1"
Frankfort 58.2° +0.6° 6.19" -4.16"    
Lexington 60.2° +2.5° 4.99" -5.46" T -0.4"
Louisville Ali 62.3° +2.0° 5.03" -5.77" T -0.4"
Louisville Bowman 59.0° +0.2° 5.35" -5.35"    


9th warmest autumn on record at Lexington and Louisville