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Dangerous Heat in the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential in the Southern Rockies and Southwest

Widespread high temperatures in the 90s with heat indices exceeding 100 degrees will persist across the western U.S. this weekend into the week. There are fire weather concerns in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Basin. Monsoon conditions continue to linger across the Southern Rockies and Southwest posing a heavy rainfall threat which may lead to additional flash flooding concerns. Read More >

Welcome to NWS Louisville's educational and outreach materials webpage. Here you can download locally-created posters and brochures filled with information pertinent to our area. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. All of these documents are in PDF format. Note that most of these files are fairly large in size so they may take a few moments to download.


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Shareholders Reports (pdf files)

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2023 Shareholders Report 2022 Shareholders Report for NWS Louisville 2021 NWS MLouisville Shareholders Report 2020 NWS Louisville Shareholders Report Cover image of 2019 Shareholders Report 2018 Shareholders Report, NWS Louisville

Shareholders Reports back to 2005 available upon request.





New Albany Cyclone of 1917
1917 New Albany Cyclone

Flood of '37
Great Flood of 1937

March 1960 Southern KY Snowstorm
March 1960 KY Snowstorm

1974 Tornado
Super Tornado Outbreak Apr 1974

Bullitt County tornado poster image
Bullitt County Tornado 1996

How To Create Posters
Creating Weather Posters

 April 16, 1998
Apr 16, 1998 Hailstorm/Tornado

 Lexington Ice Storm
Lexington Ice Storm Poster

2004 Snowstorm
Winter Storm - Dec 2004

super tuesday outbreak
Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak
Feb 5-6, 2008

 Hurricane Ike 2008
Hurricane Ike 2008

2009 Ice Storm

2009 Flash Flood

May 1-2, 2010 Major Flood Event
May 1-2, 2010 Major Flood Event

April 2011 Tornado Outbreak
April 2011 Tornadoes


June 22, 2011 Churchill Downs tornado
June 22, 2011 Churchill Downs tornado

March 2 2012 tornado outbreak poster
Mar 2, 2012 Tornadoes

March 2, 2012 tornado free areas
Mar 2, 2012 - where tornadoes didn't happen and why

140th anniversary poster
History of NWS Louisville



heat safety heat safety seguridad contra el calor seguridad contra el calor
Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke Death
(click image for pdf)
Muerte por golpe de calor vehicular pediátrico en español
(haga clic en la imagen para pdf)
Office description
NWS Louisville Office

Safe Room Brochure

Safe Rooms


Educational Pages

LMK Tornado Machine
Tornado Machine Construction
Chaff on Radar - Jan 2006
Madison County, April 3, 1974
Apr 3, 1974 Tornado Outbreak
Cold Temps and Frost 12/8/06

Frost flower in southern Kentucky
Frost Flowers