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This was a warm spring (March - May) with average temperatures a few degrees above normal and almost no snow. Precipitation varied greatly across the region, with some locations getting doused while others remained relatively dry. Severe weather was more active this spring than in the previous few springs. There were 16 tornadoes in southern Indiana and central Kentucky this spring, which is the most we have had in a spring season since 2011. All but two of the tornadoes were rated at EF-1. The two stronger tornadoes, both EF-2, occurred during the most widespread outbreak of the season, on the first day of March. The most significant was the EF-2 that struck Ireland, Indiana in DuBois County a few minutes after midnight that day.


March Summary

April Summary

May Summary

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 60.9° +3.4 13.72" -0.64" T -1.3"
Frankfort 58.5° +3.8 14.38" +1.46"    
Lexington 58.6° +3.6 10.76" -2.17" T -1.7"
Louisville Bowman 60.3° +3.5 13.54"


Louisville International 61.2° +3.6 12.89" -0.56" T -1.5"


2nd warmest spring on record at Louisville
4th warmest spring on record at Lexington
9th warmest spring on record at Frankfort
10th warmest spring on record at Bowling Green


Tornadic storm bearing down on Madison, Indiana, on May 20. Photo from Madison 5 Fire Department Facebook page.