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December Summary

January Summary

February Summary

After a historic Arctic blast just a few days before Christmas that brought powerful winds and sub-zero temperatures, January and February were characterized by warm and wet weather with a significant lack of snow. Tornadoes struck on January 12 and heavy rains led to occasional flooding in both January and February. January was one of our warmest on record, and February was even warmer...leading to one of the region's warmest winters on record.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snow Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 44.8° +5.2° 11.27" -0.79" 2.5"  
Frankfort 41.4° +4.7° 11.87" +1.43"    
Lexington 42.9° +6.5° 13.47" +2.21" 2.6" -8.5"
Louisville Ali 43.4° +5.1° 11.34" +0.41" 4.4" -6.4"
Louisville Bowman 41.4° +3.9° 11.14" +0.71"    


Bowling Green's and Lexington's 2nd warmest winter on record
Frankfort's 3rd warmest winter on record
Louisville's 5th warmest winter on record

Lexington's 2nd least snowy winter (Dec-Feb) on record