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This was a warm and wet winter, with little snowfall but plenty of rain. Christmas saw temperatures soar well into the 60s...followed by readings in the 70s on the 11th of January. Flooding developed in February for the third year in a row.

December Summary

January Summary

February Summary


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 43.3° +5.3° 16.34" +3.96" 2.3" -5.3"
Frankfort 40.1° +5.4° 12.39" +1.83"    
Lexington 40.7° +5.5° 14.46" +4.13" 3.6" -7.4"
Louisville Bowman 41.4° +4.8° 11.05" +0.48"    
Louisville Ali 42.1° +4.9° 11.14" +0.89" 2.4" -8.4"


3rd warmest winter on record at Bowling Green and Lexington
6th warmest winter on record at Frankfort
8th warmest winter on record at Louisville

Storm damage in Madison County, Kentucky on January 11, 2020

A mobile home was overturned by 80 mph winds in eastern Madison County on January 11. Three minor injuries occurred.