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Weather Reports and Much More

NOAA Weather Radio is not just for emergencies. It is a round-the-clock source of weather reports and information to help you prepare for the day ahead.

Each National Weather Service office tailors its broadcast to suit local needs. Routine programming is repeated every few minutes and consists of the local forecast, regional conditions and marine forecasts. Additional information, including river stages and climatic data, is also provided. During emergencies, routine broadcasts are interrupted for warnings, watches and other critical information.

NOAA Weather Radio is the perfect complement to local radio and TV weather news as well as Emergency Managers Weather Information Network, the Internet and other sources of weather information.

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  • At Home - Be warned of approaching storms so you can seek shelter before the storm arrives!
  • At Work - You can listen to the broadcast no matter where your workplace may be.
  • While Traveling - Available to travelers on highways and at rest areas across the nation.
  • At Play - Include a Weather Radio along with sports equipment when inclement weather is possible.
  • While Boating or Camping - Available in many coastal and wilderness areas and in campgrounds and state parks.