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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Little Rock AR
600 AM CST Sat Mar 05 2022

...Todays Topic for Severe Weather Awareness Week is Storm

The National Weather Service, in cooperation with the Arkansas 
Department of Emergency Management, has proclaimed the week of 
February 27th through March 5th as Severe Weather Awareness Week 
in Arkansas.  

A different topic will be discussed each day, and todays topic 
is storm reports. 

While many people are aware that severe weather warnings
are issued by the National Weather Service, they may not know 
there is an effort to collect storm reports during and after 
a weather event. Reports are used to verify warnings. It is 
a necessary step to find out if the warnings were justified.

Reports in real-time can help radar operators determine what 
storms are producing. Reports following an event are used to 
better understand severe storms and improve the warning 
process. Reports also inform people of what happened in areas 
affected by severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, and the 

The reports are collected from various sources (by phone or on 
the internet) including trained storm spotters, emergency 
management, the media, law enforcement, and the general public.
Reports are entered into a computer each month, and then sent
to a national database and archived. The reports are made 
available online by the National Centers for Environmental 
Information (NCEI), and also in a publication called "Storm 
Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena".

...To Get Storm Reports On The Internet...

You can access storm reports for Arkansas from 1950 to the 
present at the following web address...

From there, go to "Select State or Area" and choose "Arkansas".


For a list of all the tornadoes and other significant weather 
events that occurred in 2021...