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The following radar products are available in "Z" or "Coordinated Universal Time."

To go from "Z" time to Central Daylight Time (CDT), subtract 5 hours (2145Z is 1645 or 445 pm CDT). To go to Central Standard Time (CST), subtract 6 hours (2145Z is 1545 or 345 pm CST). For more about "Z" time, click here.

Radar Data
How to View Radar DataHow to View Radar Data
Fort Smith, AR Springfield, MO Memphis, TN
Oklahoma City/Norman, OK LZK Columbus Air Force Base, MS
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Shreveport, LA Jackson, MS
Data from the WSR-88D (Doppler Weather Radar) in North Little Rock and surrounding radars is available at the links below. Arrows will allow you to access surrounding radars.
In the picture:  There are eight (8) arrows that will allow you to look at WSR-88D data from sites surrounding North Little Rock.  The arrows represent radars as follows (clockwise from top left): Fort Smith, AR...Springfield, MO....Memphis, TN...Columbus Air Force Base, MS...Jackson, MS...Shreveport, LA...Dallas/Fort Worth, TX...and Oklahoma City/Norman, OK.
Radar Data LinksRadar Data Links

Are you ready to look at radar data from North Little Rock? To view radar data, click the following links:

WSR-88D Data (North Little Rock)
Standard Version Enhanced Version

There is also radar data available from other sites across the United States. To view the other data, click the following links:

WSR-88D Data (National Mosaic)
WSR-88D Data (Regional Mosaic)
WSR-88D Data (Points Across the United States)
WSR-88D Data (Archived Images)