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How To Use Tweetdeck To Follow A Hashtag!


As well as publishing intermittent hydrology-related content, the MBRFC also has an automated system that issues a tweet every time a non-routine river forecast is issued. Embedded in those automated tweets are hashtags using the NWS 5-character ID for the site the forecast is being issued. For example, if a forecast on the South Platte River near Roscoe, Nebraska is issued, a tweet with that forecast information is automatically generated and includes #RSON1 in the tweet.


Using a social media dashboard application such as Tweetdeck, Twitter users can set up their account to follow certain hashtags, such as #RSON1 or another river gage that they might live near or otherwise be interested in.


Step by step instructions for using Tweetdeck to follow a hashtag:
1. Sign into (using the same login you use for
2. Click the “+” sign on the menu at left to add a column
3. Click the “Search” button to add a search column
4. Type the hashtag/s you’d like to follow in the search box, then click “Add Column”
5. The new column should appear on the right hand side of your screen (you might have to scroll over)