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The Ground Hog Day 1998 Severe Weather in South Florida and the Keys

The table below contains Doppler radar images of some of the severe storms and tornadoes which slashed across the Keys and south Florida on the late afternoon and evening of February2, 1998. The images were retrieved and annotated by Miami forecasters Guy Rader, Dan Brown, and Wayne Colin. Many of these images are relatively large in size and downloading them may take a long time (depending on the speed of your internet connection, time of day, and possibly other factors). They have been deliberately displayed at full size to provide the most realistic effect.


Storms over the Florida Straits
6:01 pm
Storms over the lower and middle Keys
6:57 pm
Severe Storms over much of south Florida
8:24 pm
Severe Storms over the Dade/Broward Metro area
8:24 pm
Tornados in north Dade county
8:29 pm
Dade and Broward Storm Track Map
*Courtesy of The Miami Herald


The following are some of the warnings and statements issued by the Miami office during the severe weather outbreak:

Tornado Warning for Florida Keys
6:00 pm effective through 7:05 pm
Ssvere Weather Statement for Florida Keys
6:00 pm
Tornado Warning for Florida Keys
7:23 pm effective through 8:25 pm
Tornado Warning for Dade County
7:34 pm effective through 8:35 pm
Tornado Warning for Dade and Broward Counties
8:29 pm effective through 9:30 pm
Severe Weather Statement for Broward county
8:41 pm
Special Weather Statement of preliminary damage
9:59 pm