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Catastrophic Flooding Persists in Hawaii; Upcoming Pattern Shift to Bring Heavy Mountain Snow to the West

A Kona Low is pulling in deep tropical moisture across the Hawaiian Islands, and producing heavy rain with significant flooding and potential for landslides. Two powerful Gulf of Alaska storms will produce areas of heavy snow and gusty winds, including a broad area of blizzard conditions across southeastern Alaska. These Alaska storms will shift to the western U.S. with heavy mountain snow. Read More >

*Please note the pass elevations are for the highway elevations.  We've tried to find the forecast points that best reflect these mountain passes, but the elevation of the forecast will not exactly match the pass elevation.

Southern Oregon

I-5 at Siskiyou Summit (4300ft)

I-5 at Sexton Summit (1980ft)

Highway 199 at Hayes Hill (1640ft)

Highway 238 at Jacksonville Hill (2170ft)

Highway 42 at Camas Mountain (1430ft)

Highway 140 at Lake of the Woods (4960ft)

Highway 140 at Bly Mountain (4920ft)

Highway 140 at Warner Mountain Summit (5660ft)

Highway 138 near Diamond Lake (5930ft)

Highway 62 near Crater Lake (5800ft)

Crater Lake Rim (7130ft)

Highway 230 Summit (5400ft)

Highway 97 at top of Spring Creek Grade (4572ft)

Highway 97 near Chemult (4900ft)

Mt Ashland Road near Mt Ashland (5800ft)



Northern California

Highway 3 at Forest Mountain Summit (4110ft)

I-5 at Black Butte Summit (3900ft)

Highway 89 at Snowmans Summit (4500ft)

‚ÄčHighway 89 at Dead Horse Summit (4500ft)

Highway 97 at Grass Lake (5060ft)

Highway 299 at Cedar Pass (6030ft)

Sawyers Bar Road at Etna Summit (5900ft)




Forecast Discussion



-Experimental Pass Forecasts- Click the pass on the map to get the forecast for that pass

Willamette Pass Grass lake/Mt. Hebron Summit

  All passes forecast
I-5 Stage Rd. Pass
I-5 Sexton Summit
Highway 199 Hayes Hill Summit
I-5 Siskiyou Summit
I-5 Black Butte Summit
Highway 97 Grass Lake/Mount Hebron
Highway 58 Willamette Pass
Highway 138 Diamond Lake Summit
Highway 62 near Crater Lake
Highway 140 near Lake of the Woods
Highway 140 at Warner Mountain Summit
Highway 299 at Cedar Pass


"The Pass Forecasts" is an experimental product that is posted to this page for evaluation.

For current conditions and road restrictions contact the Oregon or California departments of transportation. For Oregon road conditions call 511 if calling from within Oregon, or 503-588-2941 if calling from outside of Oregon. Oregon road conditions, as well as webcam images, can also be found online at; For California road conditions call 800-427-7623 if calling from within California, or 916-445-7623 if calling from outside of California. California road conditions, as well as webcam images, can also be found online at This forecast is for planning purposes only and you should always check for the current conditions.

For more information about this product, see the Product Description Document (PDD).