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Dangerous Ice Storm for Portions of the South

As arctic air continues to track across the Plains and Midwest as moisture is also returning across portions of the South. Periods of freezing rain and sleet will have significant impacts across Texas, mid-Mississippi Valley, Tennessee and Ohio Valley through the middle of this week. Meanwhile, dangerous cold temperatures will be felt across the Central and Northern Plains. Read More >






*The below gauges attempt to visualize how close various climate sites are to significant drought improvement. The end of the green portion of each gauge is a target amount of precipitation by April 1 2023 that could at least significantly improve drought conditions in the area, if not end the drought. Target amounts are derived from NCEI guidance.  Please note that official drought status is determined by many impacts and conditions other than simply precipitation amounts at individual climate sites, and these gauges only serve as a rough estimate of how close we are to significantly improving drought conditions.*