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A Soggy Sunday in the Mid-Atlantic; Warm in the Pacific Northwest

Lingering rain showers will continue across the Mid-Atlantic region on Sunday from a continuing decaying Ian. In the wake of Ian, the southeast and Florida should be mostly sunny and dry. Out in the Pacific Northwest, warm temperatures are likely with perhaps a record high or two. It will also be warm in the northern and central Plains with the latter expecting elevated fire weather conditions. Read More >

Link to Pan and Zoom RADAR Imagery

Latest RADAR imagery (KMAX--Mt Ashland)


KBHX--Eureka, CA


KBBX -- Beale AFB, CA


KRTX--Portland, OR



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Pan/Zoom RADAR

  • Slower loading but features more detail and capabilities.
Helpful hints when viewing this "lite" RADAR imagery


Time is it UTC. Subtract 7 hours to get PDT and 8 hours to get PST

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Ground Clutter:

Image is what it can look like when there is no precipitation but significant ground clutter.  The grey and green areas won't move much. 


Actual Precipitation:

Image below shows precipitation in the area.  Green areas change/move like you'd expect with areas of rain/snow. 


Geocolor Loop


Infrared with Lightning

  • Good indicator for height of clouds
  • Colder/higher cloud tops are blue
  • Can use daytime or nighttime
  • Lightning "flashes" indicate include in-cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to ground flashes.

Fire Temperature

  • Good indicator for wildfire location and movement
  • Brighter reds indicate hotter fires
Day Cloud Phase Distinction

Day Cloud Phase Distinction

  • Helps determine if clouds include ice or not
  • Clouds transitioning from white shades to green and yellow shades indicate stronger showers
Water Vapor Imagery

Water Vapor Imagery

  • Used for tracking winds and moisture in the middle troposphere, as low as around 18,000 feet, or 500mb. Surface features are usually not apparent in this band.