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There was a bit of uncertainty Monday morning if we'd get any severe weather that day with the morning rain moving through. Would storms be able to tap into the strong instability and wind shear with a strong inversion in place? Well one lone storm put on a show for southern Wisconsin. The storm initially perked up along the Wisconsin River as it entered southern Sauk County and continued to intensify as it moved east southeast. This storm quickly developed a strong hail core that dropped 1 to 2 inch hail stones over those it its path. Wind became more of a threat as the storm evolved over Dane County. Once this core of winds developed it raced southeast into Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee, and northern Racine Counties until it moved over Lake Michigan.







This storm continued to track southeast and eventually became part of a Derecho that impacted areas in Indiana, Ohio, and states to the southeast.

For more information on Derechos check out SPC Derecho facts.



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