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This week has been proclaimed the Alabama Severe Weather Awareness Week by Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey. National Weather Service Offices serving counties in Alabama, Alabama Emergency Management Agency and other supporting organizations ask for your help in providing the public with information about severe weather safety. Advance planning and increased awareness will help residents of Alabama prepare for potentially deadly storms.


Christmas Day 2012 Mobile Alabama Tornado
The picture above is from the EF2 tornado on Christmas Day 2012 in Mobile, Alabama.

Severe weather watches and warnings are ineffective if the public does not receive the message or is not knowledgeable of the safety procedures to follow. The purpose of Severe Weather Awareness Week is to provide people with the knowledge necessary to protect their lives when severe weather threatens.

Whether in the form of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes or flash floods, severe weather can develop very quickly. Once a tornado approaches or flooding develops it is too late to start working on a preparedness plan. When severe weather develops and warnings are issued you must take immediate action to protect yourself and others.

So how does one prepare for severe weather? For a severe weather preparedness plan to be successful, it must include the following:

     KNOWLEDGE  of terminology (such as watches and warnings)
     KNOWLEDGE  of safety rules when severe weather strikes
     RELIABLE  method of receiving emergency information
     DESIGNATION  of an appropriate shelter
     DRILLS  to test the plan


For an electronic version of the Alabama All Hazards Awareness Booklet click here.


Severe Weather Hazards:

     Severe Thunderstorms



     Flash Flood


Severe Weather Information:

     Alerts and Warning Reception


Tornado Safety Drill:  Wednesday, February 7
In Alabama, we do not conduct a statewide tornado drill. However, we encourage everyone to conduct their own safety drill on Wednesday, February 7. This "tornado safety drill" will be accomplished in conjunction with our weekly NOAA All-Hazards Radio Test that will be run at a special time around 9:10 AM. An actual tornado warning WILL NOT sound, but this is an excellent opportunity for schools, civic organizations, and businesses in southwest and south-central Alabama to practice what they would do in the event of a tornado warning.



Alabama Sales Tax Holiday:  February 23-25, 2024
The State of Alabama will host a sales tax holiday for preparedness items. Check to make sure your emergency kit is complete and use this opportunity to purchase any missing items. For further details pertaining to what items are included in the sales tax holiday, check this comprehensive list.


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You are also invited to contact the National Weather Service in Mobile, AL for interviews, information, or answers to any questions you may have. In many instances, we are also able to present severe weather awareness programs to civic and industrial organizations, schools, amateur radio clubs, and hospital staff.


For more information, contact:

     Jessica Chace, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
     National Weather Service Forecast Office - Mobile, AL
     251-633-6443 ext. 223