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Dangerous Heat in the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential in the Southern Rockies and Southwest

Widespread high temperatures in the 90s with heat indices exceeding 100 degrees will persist across the western U.S. this weekend into the week. There are fire weather concerns in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Basin. Monsoon conditions continue to linger across the Southern Rockies and Southwest posing a heavy rainfall threat which may lead to additional flash flooding concerns. Read More >

Pacific ENSO Update

As of July 1st 2019, The Pacific ENSO Update is no longer being produced due to budgeting and personnel changes during PEAC's transition to the National Weather Service. Past Pacific ENSO Updates will remain as archive data for reference.

The Pacific ENSO Update was a bulletin of the Pacific El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Applications Climate Service, providing information on climate variability related to the ENSO climate cycle for the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI). This newsletter was intended to supply information for the benefit of those involved in such climate-sensitive sectors as civil defense, resource management, and developmental planning in the various jurisdictions of the USAPI. The issues were published quarterly, with supplemental special editions on important changes in ENSO conditions as may be required from time to time.

Issues of the Pacific ENSO Update are presented in a new HTML format to conform with National Weather Service standards.


Pacific ENSO Newsletter Archive: 


2019 Updates: 

  • September 2019 (last official update): PDF

2019 ISSUES:

  • 1st Quarter 2019; Vol.25 No.1 (March) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2019; Vol.25 No.2 (August) PDF

2018 ISSUES:

  • 1st Quarter 2018; Vol.24 No.1 (March) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2018; Vol.24 No.2 (June) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2018; Vol.24 No.3 (September) PDF
  • 4th Quarter 2018; Vol.24 No.4 (January 2019) PDF

2017 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2017; Vol.23 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2017; Vol.23 No.3 (August) PDF
  • Special Bulletin 2nd Quarter 2017; Vol.23 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2017; Vol.23 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2017; Vol.23 No.1 (March) PDF

2016 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2016; Vol.22 No.4 (December) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2016; Vol.22 No.3 (August) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2016; Vol.22 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2016; Vol.22 No.1 (February) PDF

2015 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2015; Vol.21 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2015; Vol.21 No.3 (August) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2015; Vol.21 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2015; Vol.21 No.1 (February) PDF


2014 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2014; Vol.20 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2014; Vol.20 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2014; Vol.20 No.2 (May) PDF
  • Special Bulletin, April 24th, 2014  PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2014; Vol.20 No.1 (February) PDF

2013 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2013; Vol.19 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2013; Vol.19 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2013; Vol.19 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2013; Vol.19 No.1 (February) PDF
2012 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2012; Vol.18 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2012; Vol.18 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2012; Vol.18 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2012; Vol.18 No.1 (February) PDF
2011 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2011; Vol.17 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2011; Vol.17 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2011; Vol.17 No.2 (April) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2011; Vol.17 No.1 (February) PDF
2010 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2010; Vol.16 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2010; Vol.16 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2010; Vol.16 No.2 (April) PDF
  • Special Bulletin, February 1st, 2010 PDF
2009 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2009; Vol.15 No.4 (October) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2009; Vol.15 No.3 (July) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2009; Vol.15 No.2 (April) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2009; Vol.15 No.1 (January) PDF

2008 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2008; Vol.14 No.4 (October) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2008; Vol.14 No.3 (July) PDF
  • Special Bulletin, July 10th, 2008 PDF 
  • 2nd Quarter 2008; Vol.14 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2008; Vol.14 No.1 (February) PDF

2007 ISSUES:

  • 4th Quarter 2007; Vol.13 No.4 (October) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2007; Vol.13 No.3 (July)  PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2007; Vol.13 No.2 (April)  PDF
  • Special Bulletin, February 15th, 2007  PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2007; Vol.13 No.1 (January)  PDF
2006 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2006; Vol.12 No.4 (November) PDF
  • Special Bulletin, September 28th, 2006 PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2006; Vol.12 No.3 (August) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2006; Vol.12 No.2 (May) PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2006; Vol.12 No.1 (February) PDF
2005 ISSUES:
  • 4th Quarter 2005; Vol.11 No.4 (November) PDF
  • 3rd Quarter 2005; Vol.11 No.3 (August) PDF
  • 2nd Quarter 2005; Vol.11 No.2 (May) PDF
  • Special Bulletin, March 2, 2005 PDF
  • 1st Quarter 2005; Vol.11 No.1 (February) PDF

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