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Major Heat Wave Expected for Two-Thirds of the U.S.

A dangerous and widespread summer heat wave is expected through this upcoming weekend across much of the Central and Eastern U.S. A large dome of high pressure will allow high temperatures to surge into the 90s and 100s in many locations, while heat indices will top 100 and approach 110 degrees or higher. There also will be no relief at night, as low temperatures remain in the upper 70s and 80s. Read More >


 The Conference Update is a summary of the Pacific El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Applications Climate Services monthly meeting with the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI). Providing up-to-date information on climate variability related to the ENSO climate cycle for their respectable regions. This summary is intended to supply information for the benefit of those involved in such climate-sensitive sectors as civil defense, resource management, and developmental planning in the various jurisdictions of the USAPI.

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Pacific ENSO Conference Update


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2017 ISSUES:

  • December 2017 Conference Call Summary: PDF














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