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The top 10 largest 2012 Wyoming wildfires (as of 9/22) have consumed 371,614 acres (580 square miles) or roughly half of the state of Rhode Island.  Wildfires in Wyoming this year has cost tens of millions of dollars in firefighting and property damage costs. The sudden onset of extreme to severe drought conditions this year led to favorable conditions for large wildfires.  Click here for more information about the ongoing drought.

Here are a few links to keep you updated on area wildfires:

  • Wildfires in Grand Teton National Park and in the Bridger Teton National Forest
  • Wildfires in Yellowstone National Park
  • Wildfires across Wyoming
    Top 10 Wyoming Wildfires in 2012 (as of 9/22)
     Name  Location  Acreage
    Araphaho  28 miles NW of Wheatland  98,115
    Fontenelle  18 miles W of Big Piney  64,220
    Oil Creek  NW of Newcastle  62,318
    Alpine Lake  17 miles WNW of Fort Washakie  42,502
    Cato 13 miles NE of Buffalo 29,000
    North Buffalo  35 miles NW of Dubois 26,000
    Sheep Herder  Casper Mountain  15,556
    Sawmill Canyon  7 miles SE of Glendo  14,185
    Squirrel Creek  25 miles WSW of Laramie  10,921
    Ferris  30 miles NE Rawlins  8,797
    Red denotes active wildfires... Source:
     A map of the top10 largest wildfires in Wyoming for 2012.