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Major Storm Arriving Into The Western U.S.

A major Pacific storm system will arrive into the Pacific Northwest and produce locally heavy rain, heavy mountain snow, gusty winds and a slew of marine hazards. This significant storm will dig down the West Coast over the weekend into the Southwestern U.S. For Saturday and Sunday, expect heavy to excessive rainfall along the California coast and widespread heavy mountain snow across the West. Read More >


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Winter Storm Summary Banner

After a warm start to fall, winter arrived overnight Sunday night into Monday, and brought widespread snow and cold across the Cowboy State. After a warm and at times, breezy weekend, a sharp arctic cold front brought cold and wintry conditions early Monday morning, with moderate to heavy snow experienced across many areas. Most areas had their daily high temperatures occur after midnight on Monday, with temperatures dipping into the single digits to teens by Monday night. A brief lull in snowfall was seen Monday night, before another front brought more snow and cold overnight Monday night into Veteran's Day. Although snow ended Tuesday afternoon and evening, bitterly cold temperatures remained across the region Wednesday.  The low of 27 below zero at Casper Airport Wednesday evening not only set a daily record low, but is the coldest temperature ever recorded for Casper in the month of November.  The previous record was 21 below zero on November 23, 1985.  This bitter cold low also set a record low so early in the season.  The soonest Casper reached 27 below zero previously was on December 5, 1972.  Climate data for Casper goes back to 1939.  These temperatures are about 50 degrees below normal! 


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A composite radar loop starting at 145 AM and ending at 8 AM, Monday morning November 10th. Notice the moderate to heavy snow that develops from the Wind River Basin to Casper as the cold front pushes southward.  - Click to Enlarge

  A loop of hourly temperatures starting at 5 PM Sunday, November 9th, and ending at 8 AM. Notice how in 15 hours or less some areas have a 40 to 50 degree temperature change!  - Click to Enlarge
Click to enlarge  - WYDOT webcam photo of traffic backed up on I-80 due to accidents near Rock Springs
  Traffic backed up in the westbound lane of Interstate 80 just east of Rock Springs due to accidents caused by the very slick road conditions. Photo Courtesy of WYDOT


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Snow Map for Novembern 10th & 11th - Click to enlarge
Snowfall Totals for
November 10th and 11th
County Location Snowfall
Big Horn 26 E Lovell 6
Big Horn Shell Creek Snotel 6
Big Horn Bald Mountain Snotel 5
Big Horn Bone Springs Divide Snotel 4
Big Horn 2 SSW Lovell 2
Big Horn Shell 2
Big Horn Greybull 0.9
Big Horn Basin 0.5
County Location Snowfall
Fremont Brooks Lake 13
Fremont 5 WSW Lander 11.3
Fremont Lander Airport 8.1
Fremont Lander 6 to 8
Fremont Little Warm Snotel 7
Fremont Hobbs Park Snotel 7
Fremont Burris 6
Fremont Dubois 6
Fremont Riverton 4 to 6
Fremont 9 SSE Lander 5
Fremont Cold Springs Snotel 5
Fremont Burroughs Creek Snotel 5
Fremont St. Lawrence Alt Snotel 4
Fremont South Pass Snotel 4
Fremont Townsend Creek Snotel 4
Fremont 10 WNW Dubois 3.5
Fremont Castle Creek Snotel 3
Fremont 7 WNW Lander 3
Fremont Hudson 3
Fremont Deer Park Snotel 3
Fremont 6 SE Lander 2.8
Fremont Riverton Airport 2.1
Fremont Jeffrey City 2
Fremont Atlantic City 1.4
Fremont Boysen Dam 0.5
County Location Snowfall
Hot Springs Thermopolis 8 to 10
Hot Springs 9 NE Thermopolis 6.9
Hot Springs Owl Creek Snotel 5
Hot Springs Kirby 4.2
Hot Springs Lucerne 3.5
Hot Springs 8 W Thermopolis 3
Hot Springs 20 NW Thermopolis 1
County Location Snowfall
Johnson Cloud Peak Reservoir Snotel 11
Johnson 17 NNW Kaycee 9.8
Johnson Hansen Sawmill Snotel 6
Johnson Little Goose Snotel 6
Johnson 17 E Kaycee 4.5
Johnson Soldier Park Snotel 4
Johnson 4 SSW Buffalo 3.5
Johnson Buffalo 2 to 3
Johnson Bear Trap Meadow Snotel 3
County Location Snowfall
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek Snotel 10
Lincoln Commissary Ridge 9
Lincoln Willow Creek Snotel 9
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide Snotel 6
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit 6
Lincoln 5 NNE Thayne 4.1
Lincoln Box Y Ranch 3
Lincoln Salt River Summit Snotel 2
Lincoln Star Valley Ranch 2
Lincoln 2 SE Thayne 1.4
Lincoln 5 SSE Smoot 1
Lincoln 3 SE Bedford 1
Lincoln 5 NNE Thayne 1
Lincoln Afton 0.4
County Location Snowfall
Natrona 8 W Red Wall 7
Natrona 11 WSW Casper 5
Natrona Casper 4 to 5
Natrona Casper Airport 4.9
Natrona Powder River 4
Natrona Casper Mountain 4
Natrona 11 ESE Casper 3.7
Natrona 10 WSW Casper 3.7
Natrona 5 SSW Casper 3.5
Natrona 4 NE Evansville 3.5
Natrona Casper Mountain 3
Natrona Casper Mountain Snotel 3
Natrona Midwest 2.5
Natrona 2 E Evansville 2
Natrona Grave Spring Snotel 2
Natrona Reno Hill Snotel 2
County Location Snowfall
Park Beartooth Highway 9
Park 3 NE Sunshine 8.3
Park Beartooth Lake Snotel 8
Park Kirwin Snotel 8
Park Blackwater Snotel 7
Park Timber Creek Snotel 6
Park 5 ESE Cody 5.5
Park Marquette Snotel 5
Park Meeteetse 4
Park 26 SW Cody 3.5
Park Wolverine Snotel 3
Park Evening Star Snotel 3
Park Pahaska 2
Park Cody 1 to 2
Park 3 NE Clark 1.2
Park 4 SW Powell 0.4
Park 4 ENE Powell 0.2
County Location Snowfall
Sublette Triple Peak Snotel 8
Sublette Pinedale 6.9
Sublette New Fork Lake Snotel 6
Sublette Loomis Park Snotel 6
Sublette Daniel Fish Hatchery 5
Sublette Big Sandy Opening Snotel 5
Sublette Pocket Creek Snotel 5
Sublette Larsen Creek Snotel 5
Sublette Gunsite Pass Snotel 5
Sublette 13 SE Pinedale 4.8
Sublette 14 NW Pinedale 4.6
Sublette East Rim Divide Snotel 4
Sublette Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel 3
Sublette 1 N Pinedale 3
Sublette Bondurant 2.6
Sublette Boulder Rearing Station 2
Sublette Kendall Ranger Station Snotel 2
County Location Snowfall
Sweetwater Rock Springs 1 to 2
County Location Snowfall
Teton Grand Targhee Snotel 17
Teton Togwotee Pass Snotel 13
Teton Grand Targhee-Chief Joseph 12
Teton Jackson Hole-Raymer 11
Teton Jackson Hole-Rendezvous Bowl 11
Teton Togwotee Mountain Lodge 11
Teton 3 SSW Wilson 10.5
Teton 1 NNW Alta 9
Teton Gros Ventre Summit Snotel 7
Teton Phillips Bench Snotel 7
Teton Jackson Hole-Mid 6
Teton 12 NE Jackson 6
Teton Base Camp Snotel 6
Teton Moose 6
Teton Jackson Dam 4.5
Teton Jackson 4.2
Teton Jackson Hole-Base 4
Teton Darwin Ranch 4
Teton Snow King 4
Teton Grassy Lake Snotel 4
Teton 4 SW Jackson 3.6
Teton Snake River Stn Snotel 3
Teton Granite Creek Snotel 2
County Location Snowfall
Washakie Powder River Pass Snotel 8
Washakie 5 NNW Ten Sleep 8
Washakie Winchester 6
Washakie Ten Sleep 4 to 6
Washakie 16 SSE Ten Sleep 5.5
Washakie Middle Powder Snotel 5
Washakie Worland 4
Washakie 8 SW Worland 3.5
County Location Snowfall
Yellowstone Two Ocean Plateau Snotel 10
Yellowstone Parker Peak Snotel 4
Yellowstone Canyon Snotel 3
Yellowstone Lewis Lake Divide Snotel 3
Yellowstone Tower Falls Ranger Station 2.2
Yellowstone Sylvan Road Snotel 2
Yellowstone Sylvan Lake Snotel 2

Strongest Wind Banner

Strongest Wind Gusts 11/9 (Sunday) thru 11/11 (Tuesday)
County Location Wind Gust (mph) Date/Time
Park 5 WNW Clark 84 224 PM 11/09
Park Chief Joseph HWY (Dead Indian Pass) 70 1050 AM 11/09
Big Horn Greybull Airport 66 124 AM 11/10
Natrona 16 S Hiland 64 310 PM 11/09
Fremont Red Canyon - HWY 28 63 735 PM 11/09
Park 8 S Clark - HWY 120 63 230 PM 11/09
Johnson Buffalo Airport 60 257 AM 11/10
Natrona Casper - Outer Drive 59 1026 AM 11/09
Park 8 N Meeteetse 57 1246 AM 11/10
Sweetwater Interstate 80 - MM 142 57 400 AM 11/10
Sweetwater Farson 55 255 AM 11/10
Park Powell Airport 54 115 AM 11/10
Lincoln Kemmerer Airport 52 240 AM 11/10
Fremont Lander Airport 49 243 AM 11/10
Fremont Riverton Airport 49 433 AM 11/10
Sublette Big Piney Airport 49 827 PM 11/09



Many areas saw a temperature change of 46 to 56 degrees in less than 24 hours as an arctic front blasted through the state. See the table above for details at select locations.




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 Observed low temperatures for Tuesday night



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