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The June 2020 climate summaries for Big Piney, Buffalo, Casper, Greybull, Lake Yellowstone, Lander, Riverton, Rock Springs, and Worland are now available online.

Big Piney




Lake Yellowstone



Rock Springs


Monthly Summaries

June saw a mix of above and below normal precipitation across the climate sites. Greybull did have their second wettest June since records were started in 1998. They received almost an inch above normal rainfall for the month. The wettest day of the month for almost every location was the 6th when a strong cold front came through Wyoming. The 28th of June was also a very wet day, and several daily rainfall records fell. There were several other precipitation records set in June. The temperatures in June were also a mix of above and below normal values. The 5th and 6th were primarily the hottest days, just before the cold front came through. The coldest day for some stations were the 8th and 9th, behind the front and then again on the 18th of the month. There were a variety of new daily temperature records set in June. 

Check the CLMs for more specifics on daily records set at the various locations. See the links above for details for individual sites or click here for Water Year Precipitation summaries for more locations.

If you would like additional, or more in-depth climate information, please refer to our Climate Page. From the Riverton Home Page, hover over the "Climate and Past Weather" tab, and select the "Local" option. You can then find the Daily Climate Report (CLI), the Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6), the Monthly Weather Summary (CLM), and the Regional Summary (RTP). The Daily Climate Report will have the weather data for the day (from midnight to 1159 pm). The Monthly Climate Data (CF6) will have this data for each day of the month, compiling all the daily data into one form. The Regional Summary will have temperature and precipitation data for various locations across the state, updated 3 times a day.