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Locally Heavy Snow and Rain In A Few Spots

A few locations will see heavy snowfall today, including the northern California mountains and Sierra and across the northern Rockies into eastern Montana. Meanwhile, locally heavy to excessive rainfall is possible across southern Tennessee into northern Alabama and Georgia. A more organized and widespread heavy rainfall threat may be possible midweek for the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Read More >

Map of Star Valley NWR Coverage

Coverage Map of Star Valley NWR

The transmission frequency of the National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) serving Star Valley will soon change in order to provide better service coverage to residents in all corners of Star Valley. At approximately 1 pm Wednesday, July 15, the Star Valley NWR transmitter, call sign WNG-569, will begin broadcasting at 162.475 megahertz.

The Star Valley NWR transmitter and the nearby Sedgwick Peak, Idaho, transmitter currently broadcast on a frequency of 162.425 megahertz. “Having those two transmitters on the same frequency in close proximity to each other would occasionally cause interference for some Star Valley NWR listeners,” said Chris Jones, warning coordination meteorologist at the Riverton NWS office.  “The shift to 162.475 megahertz should provide improved service delivery by eliminating this interference.” Jones added that there will be no change to the Sedgwick Peak transmitter frequency.

NOAA Weather Radio transmitters have an effective broadcast range of approximately 40 miles, depending upon terrain and other atmospheric factors.  As the voice of the National Weather Service, NWR provides the quickest access to severe weather and flood warnings, as well as important weather information and forecasts, around the clock, 365 days a year. It also serves as an all hazards communication system that can be utilized to alert the public of civil emergencies, which require action on the part of affected citizens. A tone alarm will activate the NWR receiver to alert the owner any time of the day or night. NWR receivers are typically available at local electronics and discount stores.