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2015 Climate Summaries

Casper Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015...

  • Annual - ...9th warmest year on record (1939-2015), 106 percent of normal precipitation, 92 percent of normal annual snowfall.
  • Earliest First Freeze:  August 23, 2015
  • Monthly Temperatures: 2nd warmest September, 6th warmest March, 9th warmest June and October; period of record 1939-2015).
  • Montly Precipitation: 6th wettest December, 7th wettest May, 7th driest September.
  • Montly Snowfall: 7th snowiest December.

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Lander Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015...

  • Annual - ...9th warmest year on record (period of record 1892-2015, 124 years), 120 percent of normal precipitation, 78 percent of normal annual snowfall.
  • Record High So Early in the Season::  76 on March 31, 2015
  • Record High So Late in the Season::  90 on September 26, 2015
  • Latest 90 Degree Temperature:  September 26, 2015
  • Daily Temperature Records: 12 record highs and zero record lows during the year.
  • Monthly Temperatures: Warmest September, 3rd warmest October, 7th warmest June, 9th warmest March on record.
  • Montly Precipitation: 3rd driest January, 3rd wettest May, 9th wettest February on record.
  • Montly Snowfall: 7th least snowiest January.

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Riverton Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015...

  • Annual - ...7th Warmest Year on Record (1918-2015), 122 percent of normal precipitation, 130 percent of normal annual snowfall and the 15th snowiest year on record.
  • Latest First Freeze:  October 12, 2015
  • Monthly Temperatures: Warmest September, 2nd Warmest October, 5th Warmest June (over last 97 years, period of record 1918-2015).
  • Montly Precipitation: 2nd Wettest February, 9th Wettest May, 7th Wettest November
  • Montly Snowfall: 2nd Snowiest February and November.

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Rock Springs Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015 ...

  • 2nd Warmest Year on Record (over last 68 years, period of record 1948-2015).
  • 19 record highs set or tied compared to only 1 record low
  • Major Flooding in Rock Springs on July 6th and 7th
  • Driest January, 3rd driest December while July was the 3rd wettest and May was the 5th wettest

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Worland Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015...

  • Annual - ...13th warmest year on record (1960-2015), normal precipitation, 5 daily record highs broken or tied, 6 record lows broken or tied.
  • Monthly Temperatures: 2nd warmest October, 5th warmest June, 7th warmest March and September; 9th coldest July, 10th coldest May on record.
  • Montly Precipitation: Driest March (ties 2004),  8th driest September, 3rd wettest February, 6th wettest May on record.

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Lander Climate Summary Banner

...Highlights of 2015...

  • Annual - ...Statewide average temperature for 2015 of 44.2 degrees was 3.4 degrees above and 20th century average the 3rd warmest year on record over the last 121 years (1895-2015). 
    Statewide average precipitation was 16.62 inches which was near the 20th century average of 15.94 inches.
  • Monthly Temperatures: 6 months in 2015 (January, February, March, June, September, October) were in the top 8 warmest months on record (1895-2015). 
  • Montly Precipitation: 2nd driest March, 4th wettest May on record (1895-2015)

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Top 7 Events of 2015 (video presentations):


 Number 7: Mid December Snowstorm  Number 6: Thanksgiving Week Snowstorm
Number 5: Supercell Thunderstorm from Hot Springs to Natrona Counties Number 4: June 5th Flooding along US 20/26
Number 3: Buffalo and Johnson County Flooding on June 3rd and 4th Number 2: Cole Creek/Station Fire near Casper


And the number one event of 2015 was...

Number 1: Wind River Canyon Mudslide/Landslide