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Surface observations (METAR)

List of current METAR observations across the area - raw format, decoded


Past 24 hours of METAR reports for NWS Charleston TAF sites:

Charleston (CRW) - raw format, decoded
Huntington (HTS) - raw format, decoded
Parkersburg (PKB) - raw format, decoded
Clarksburg (CKB) - raw format, decoded
Elkins (EKN) - raw format, decoded
Beckley (BKW) - raw format, decoded


Other obsevation locations:

Point Pleasant (3I2) - raw format, decoded
Buckhannon (W22) - raw format, decoded
Pineville (I16) - raw format, decoded


METARs from other location across the US.


Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) issued by NWS Charleston

KCRW - Charleston WV text Tactical Decision Aid for CRW
KHTS - Huntington, WV text Tactical Decision Aid for HTS
KPKB - Parkersburg, WV text Tactical Decision Aid for PKB
KCKB - Clarksburg, WV text Tactical Decision Aid for CKB
KEKN - Elkins, WV text Tactical Decision Aid for EKN
KBKW - Beckley, WV text Tactical Decision Aid for BKW


NOTE - The Tatical Decision Aid presents a page with the TAF broken down into forecast parameters, color-coded by severity.

Nearby TAFs issued by other NWS offices

KHLG - Wheeling, WV
KMGW - Morgantown, WV
KMRB - Martinsburg, WV
KLWB - Lewisburg, WV
KBLF - Bluefield, WV
KLEX - Lexington, KY
KCMH - Columbus, OH
KPIT - Pittsburgh, PA
KDCA - Washington, DC (Reagan)
KIAD - Washington, DC (Dulles)
KROA - Roanoke, VA

All other TAFs


Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) Products

Click for Center Weather Advisories(CWA) and Meteorological Impact Statements(MIS) from each center.



Current AIRMETs and SIGMETs
Convective SIGMETs


Area Forecasts (FA)

Boston area
Chicago area
Miami area
Fort Worth area


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