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A cold front moved through the tri-state region on the morning of Wednesday January 27, 2021. While this severe weather event was on the lower end of the spectrum for severity, it was strong enough to produce several tornado-warned storms. In total, 5 tornado warnings and 8 severe-thunderstorm warnings were issued for this event. Thankfully, despite there being two tornadoes, there were no injuries directly related to the tornadoes. There was, however, sporadic damage at the airport and across southern portions of the county. 

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Radar imagery from the storm as it developed across western portions of the county, and then moved over the Tallahassee airport and radar. This storm produced two low-end EF-1 tornadoes. One near Fort Braden and another over southern portions of Tallahassee. The radar was not damaged from the tornado. Satellite imagery of the frontal system around the time the tornado moved over the airport. 
Regional overview of the warnings our office issued during this severe weather event. Red boxes are tornado warnings, yellow are severe thunderstorm warnings, and purple are special marine warnings. Icons indicated are local storm reports. 
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