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Building a Weather-Ready Nation
WCM Mark Wool The StormReady program will make a real difference by improving the partnership between NWS Tallahassee and the local Emergency Management agencies. Current Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Tallahassee, Mark Wool, enjoys fostering a high level of cooperation between EMA and the NWS.


With StormReady, we will work toward an even greater level of coordination and cooperation. The reward is knowing that your people are receiving the highest level of weather service possible while gaining StormReady recognition for your efforts!

We encourage all Emergency Management agencies to pursue StormReady recognition. To learn more about StormReady and the application process, go to the NWS StormReady website at To sign up for the StormReady program, follow the four simple steps on this page:

For further information, please call or email Mark Wool at 850-942-8833 or


Weather Ready Nation Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors are leaders of organizations that inspire their communities to be prepared during times of extreme weather.  As a WRN Ambassador, you can help your community to minimize or avoid the impacts of a natural disaster.


If you would like to sign up your organization as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, you can apply on this page:

Information about the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Initiative can be found here:

If you have additional questions about becoming a WRN Ambassador, please email Mark Wool at