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NOAA increases chance for above-normal hurricane season

NOAA forecasters monitoring oceanic and atmospheric patterns say conditions are now more favorable for above-normal hurricane activity since El Nino has now ended. Read More >

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Run Accum Precip LOOP LOOP
Max Wind Gust MAX MAX
Max 1km AGL Radar LOOP LOOP
Max Updraft Helicity MAX MAX
Max Updraft Velocity MAX MAX
Perry, FL: NMM · ARW Apalachicola, FL: NMM · ARW Ashburn, GA: NMM · ARW
Bainbridge, GA: NMM · ARW Blakely, GA: NMM · ARW Blountstown, FL: NMM · ARW
Cairo, GA: NMM · ARW Camilla, GA: NMM · ARW Crestview, FL: NMM · ARW
C-Tower, FL: NMM · ARW Cross City, FL: NMM · ARW Dawson, GA: NMM · ARW
Elba, AL: NMM · ARW Eufaula, AL: NMM · ARW Fort Gaines, GA: NMM · ARW
Fitzgerald, GA: NMM · ARW Geneva, AL: NMM · ARW Albany, GA: NMM · ARW
Dothan, AL: NMM · ARW Panama City, FL: NMM · ARW Tallahassee, FL: NMM · ARW
Tifton, GA: NMM · ARW Valdosta, GA: NMM · ARW Madison, FL: NMM · ARW
Marianna, FL: NMM · ARW Nashville, GA: NMM · ARW Panacea, FL: NMM · ARW
Thomasville, GA: NMM · ARW Wausau, FL: NMM · ARW Wewahitchka, FL: NMM · ARW
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