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The National Weather Service (NWS) in Tallahassee maintains a very active educational outreach program. This includes both visiting schools and inviting students to the office to view office technology and see first-hand how a meteorologist prepares a forecast. WFO Tallahassee personnel have presented general topics on weather to elementary school students; performed as science fair judges in middle schools; conducted in-depth reviews of aviation weather at a high school ROTC program; and lectured to college students at Florida State University on life as a forecaster in the NWS and many other office programs. Many students and teachers are unaware of the varied resources available from NOAA, various other federal agencies, the American Meteorological Society and sundry private sources. The following is a list of easily available outreach resources geared to all school levels and used by this office. This page will be updated monthly and we welcome any suggestions or additions. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an outreach activity please contact Mark Wool at or call (850) 942-8833 during normal business hours.

Clicking this image will take you to the Jetstream home page - an online school for weather from the NWS.

Weather Awareness and Preparedness Publications & Brochures
National Weather Service
Federal Emergency Management Agency
American Red Cross
NWS Safety Page
List of Brochures
Publication Library
General Preparedness
Rip Currents
Break the Grip of the Rip
Severe Storms
Severe Storm Safety
Fact Sheet: Before, During & After
 Safety Tips
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Tornadoes...Nature's Most Violent Storms
Fact Sheet: Before, During & After
 Safety Tips
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Lightning Safety
Fact Sheet for Kids


Flood Safety
Floods - The Awesome Power

Low Water Crossings

Turn Around Don't DrownTM


Fact Sheet: Before, During & After

 Safety Tips

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Returning Home




Hurricane Awareness


Fact Sheet: Before, During & After

Safety Tips 

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Excessive Heat
Heat Safety
Fact Sheet: Before, During & After
Safety Tips
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U.S. Drought Portal
Drought Safety
Fact Sheet for Kids
Water Conservation
Sun Exposure
UV Index
UV Safety
Marine Weather
Mariner's Guide to Marine Weather Services (PDF)

Safe Boating

Tsunami Fact Sheet: Before, During & After

Water Safety

Safe Swimming

Winter Weather
Winter Weather Awareness

Winter Storms - The Deceptive Killers

Fact Sheet: Before, During & After
 Safety Tips
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National Interagency Fire Center
Fact Sheet: Before, During & After
 Safety Tips
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For Kids
Owlie's Kids Page
FEMA for Kids - The Disaster Area
 School Resources
Youth Preparedness


DOC/NOAA Educational Resources


CDC Natural Disasters
NOAA Education Resources
Weather Coloring Books for Kids
NOAA Research's Education Links
Storm Prediction Center
National Hurricane Center
NSSL weather room
UCAR Meteorology Education & Training
Hurricane FAQs
Globe Project


National Weather Service Educational Resources


Owlie Skywarn
Weather Ready Nation: Be A Force of Nature


Other Federal Government Educational Resources


NASA Space Place
NASA Kids Club
Other NASA Education Links
FEMA for Kids - Be a Hero
USGS Education Pages


University Educational Resources


Plymouth State Cloud Boutique​
Plymouth State - Here Comes the Sun


American Meteorological Society Resources


AMS Homepage
Education and Careers
Careers in Meteorology


Other Resources


Foundation for Water/Energy Education - Hydrologic Cycle
Red Cross Resources
Weather Wiz Kids
The Weather Prediction​



FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCDC: National Climatic Data Center
NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NSSL: National Severe Storms Laboratory
NWS: National Weather Service
UCAR: University Center for Atmospheric Research
USGS: United States Geological Survey
CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention