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New River Forecast Services for Santa Fe River


    Starting on Thursday, February 1, 2018 the National Weather Service will expand flood only river forecast services for three new locations in the Santa Fe River Basin. These new forecast services will provide additional warning services to the affected areas during times of heavy rainfall across the Santa Fe Basin. 

    Forecast services for these three new locations are supported by the Southeast River Forecast Center in Peachtree City, Georgia. River flood warnings for these locations are issued by the National Weather Service in Jacksonville, Florida. 

   River flood warnings are issued whenever the river rises above flood stage. For each of the current and new forecast points on the Santa Fe River, flood stages have been established with graphical areas of impact. These flood warning zones are shown in the image below, referenced to the nearest river forecast point. Note that these zones do not depict areal extent of flood inundation. 

As part of this process to provide new forecast services, an in depth review of flood impacts across the basin has been conducted following Hurricane Irma. As a result of this review, flood stages have been modified and additional impact statements created. You can view these changes through these documents listed below: 


Santa Fe River at Worthington Springs                     Santa Fe River at O'leno State Park

Santa Fe River near High Springs                              Santa Fe River near Fort White 

Santa Fe River at Three Rivers Estates                     Santa Fe River near Hildreth


For questions about these updated and new forecast services in the Santa Fe Basin please contact: 

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