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Clay County, GA

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
2/25/1939 1130 pm F2 12 200 2 8 $12,000 G

Moved ENE from 8m NW of Blakely to just west of Edison. One man was killed in a small home 1m S of Bluffton, as tenant homes were destroyed on three farms.

1/17/1943 400 pm F2 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a G

Moved NE, destroying barns and tenant homes on a plantation near Bluffton. The main house had a room torn off it. Minimal F2.

1/20/1963 500 pm F1 10 300 0 0 $500,000 G, SD, SPC

Skipped ENE from Fort Gaines, passing south of Dawson, north of Leesburg, and ending near Warwick. Fifty buildings were damaged and a grain elevator was destroyed. The worst damage was to farms in Clay County, the only area were a clearly defined funnel was seen. About 20 buildings were destroyed by the combined tornado and downburst winds south of Dawson. About 30 farms in that area reported wind damage.

1/13/1972 300 am F1 1.5 300 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
5/2/2004 1030 am F1 2 100 0 0 $450,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down and destroyed three homes and damaged two others. It also toppled several trees and power lines. The tornado moved moved northeast into Randolph County. Reported by the Clay County EMA and WALB-TV Albany.

3/1/2007 324 pm EF0 6.9 100 0 0 $250,000 SD, SPC

After crossing from Alabama across Lake Eufaula, the tornado damaged several homes along Lakeview Drive, Macedonia Road, and Pataula Heights Lane. The tornado then approached Pataula Shores Circle and crossed State Highway 39. It snapped or uprooted many pines in and around Mt Zion Church Road, Frontage Trail and Hatcher Road before crossing the Clay-Quitman county line.

4/7/2016 141 am EF1 3.45 250 0 0 $0 SD

This tornado initially touched down in extreme southern Randolph county before moving into Clay county and eventually Calhoun county. Damage in Clay county was limited to snapped trees. The Clay county portion of this track was rated EF1.


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