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Colquitt County, GA

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
9/7/1900 n/a F2 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a G

A furniture store was destroyed and a home was unroofed during this brief touchdown at Doe Run. A hurricane was off the Gulf coast of Florida at the time.

3/5/1919 500 pm F2 5 50 3 2 n/a G

Moved NE, destroying tenant homes near "Princeville," north of Moultrie.

4/30/1924 n/a F3 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a G

Moved NE near Ellenton, destroying several homes. All that remained of one 11-room home was the central hallway, where the family had taken shelter.

4/1/1948 1100 am F2 n/a n/a 0 0 $5,000 G

Moved NE, 3m S of Moultrie, unroofing two homes and destroying a barn.

5/23/1951 430 pm F2 9.2 50 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
1/22/1952 805 am F2 7 350 0 8 $250,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NE, striking Sale City and passing through Poplar Arbor. Six homes, a church, and 12 barns were destroyed. Many farm animals were killed in the barns.

4/5/1957 830 am F0 13.7 67 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
6/5/1957 300 pm F0 2 200 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
4/6/1958 700 am F1 4.5 50 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
4/27/1964 900 am F1 1 33 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
2/28/1966 945 am F1 2 30 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
5/7/1967 1030 am F1 0.2 30 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
2/7/1971 900 am F1 13.8 200 0 0 $25,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NE at Autreyville. Several homes were damaged and shifted. Many barns were swept away, and several trailers were overturned.

3/3/1971 1030 am F1 4.1 400 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
8/13/1976 434 pm F1 0.8 33 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
4/18/1978 1230 pm F1 4 77 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
12/5/1983 815 pm F1 10 80 0 3 n/a SD, SPC
4/22/1984 710 pm F1 1 30 0 2 $250,000 SD, SPC
5/10/1988 525 pm F0 0.1 50 0 0 n/a SD, SPC
10/1/1989 1130 am F2 10 100 2 12 $2,500,000 G, SD, SPC

A tornado moved SW of Moultrie, passed through the Funston community, hitting a trailer park. Nine trailers were destroyed. Both deaths and all injuries were in the park. Further along the track a church was "totally demolished" and eight frame homes were destroyed. Several cars were crushed by falling trees.

5/13/1993 100 pm F0 8 30 0 0 $5,000 SD, SPC

A weak tornado observed by several farmers, briefly touched down near Bay and skipped northeast over Funston before receding. Damage was minimal with a couple of tin roofs removed off sheds and several pine trees toppled.

3/6/1996 549 pm F0 4 25 0 0 $20,000 SD, SPC

A tornado apparently touched down causing damage to some buildings in the Indian Lakes and Bear Lakes subdivisions.

9/29/1998 315 pm F1 2 70 0 1 $550,000 SD, SPC

An F1 tornado touched down at the intersection of GA 133 and South Morris Rd near Autreyville. One man was injured when his mobile home was blown into a ditch. Another mobile was destroyed. Several trees and power lines were toppled. The tornado destroyed one chicken farm and damaged another, and caused minor roof damage to a few houses.

2/14/2000 121 am F1 2 50 0 0 $75,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down just west of Moultrie and tracked northeast. One home was damaged on Hartsfield Road just north of Moultrie. Numerous downed trees and power lines. Reported by the Colquitt County EMA.

2/14/2000 139 am F1 1 200 1 0 $500,000 SD, SPC

A strong tornado tore through extreme northeast Colquitt County near Crosland toppling trees and power lines before it moved into extreme southwest Tift County. Several mobile homes were damaged. One woman was killed in a mobile home just northeast of Crosland when a large tree and another mobile home were blown against her home. Colquitt County was declared a federal disaster area. Reported by a amateur radio operator and the Colquitt County EMA. F43MH

7/1/2003 500 pm F0 3 100 0 0 $75,000 SD, SPC

A weak tornado touched down just southwest of Hartsfield. It downed several trees and power lines, and destroyed a few mobile homes. Three barns were damaged. A truck was totaled by a fallen tree. A trampoline was wrapped around a pine tree. Reported by the Colquitt County EMA.

3/22/2005 310 pm F1 4 100 0 0 $125,000 SD, SPC

The tornado, which crossed into Colquitt County from Mitchell County, caused minor damage to some homes along Highway 37. Several downed trees blocked the highway just east of the county line. Two chicken houses on Bryant Road sustained minor roof damage. The tornado weakened as it crossed County Road 202, toppling trees and utility poles, and dissipated near Moss Lake. The storm survey was conducted by a SKYWARN storm spotter.

1/13/2006 415 pm F1 9.6 100 0 1 $2,000,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down along Perry Batts Road near Norman Park and traveled northeast. It destroyed two chicken houses at the International Poultry Breeders, killing 5,000 chickens and condemning another 15,000. The tornado sideswiped a restaurant, but snapped off several large pines around the building. One tree fell through the roof. A small shelter on the property was destroyed. Over open fields, several metal sheds were damaged or destroyed, and irrigation pivots were overturned. Five homes were destroyed, eight received heavy damage, and seven sustained moderate damage. Many power poles were toppled. A man suffered scratches to his left arm after part of the ceiling of his mobile home collapsed on him. The tornado lifted over Lanyer Sumner Road near the Colquitt-Cook county line. Damage survey provided by a SKYWARN storm spotter.

3/31/2009 512 pm EF0 0.1 25 0 0 n/a SD, SPC

A tornado briefly touched down in an open field. No damage was reported.

3/9/2011 210 pm EF0 0.4 30 0 0 $4,000 SD, SPC

A brief tornado touchdown occurred in northwest Colquitt county just north of Doerun near Georgia Highway 133. Three individuals observed the tornado touching down in a field and remaining on the ground for around one-half mile. The tornado knocked over a few trees and power lines and did minor damage to one barn before lifting. Maximum winds were estimated around 70 mph. The monetary damage figure provided is a rough estimate.

A strong upper level trough and associated surface cold front moved through area. Strong to severe storms accompanied it and produced some straight line wind damage across the area. A weak tornado also occurred.

2/24/2012 142 pm EF0 3.75 50 0 0 $20,000 SD, SPC
A weak tornado touched down in the vicinity of Ellenton Omega Road and traveled northeastward a short distance while skipping up and down before lifting permanently near the Colquitt/Cook county border. Damage to barns, trees down, pivots destroyed, and some roof damage to homes was reported. Most of the damage from this tornado was on Sharon Church Rd, South Powell Rd, Ellenton Omega Rd, Buddy Baker Rd, St. Paul Church Rd, Albert Brady Rd, and Lawyer Sumner Rd. Maximum winds were estimated around 80 mph. Monetary damage was estimated.
11/1/2015 443 pm EF0 0.03 25 0 0 $7,000 SD
This tornado produced minor damage to vinyl siding and metal roofing to one home about 0.7 miles NW of Hamilton Elementary School. No other damage was reported. The Doerun police also reported a funnel cloud in the vicinity occasionally rising and dropping. This tornado was rated EF0 with max winds around 65 mph. Damage cost was estimated.

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