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Geneva County, AL

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
2/7/1890 n/a F2 6 n/a 1 3 n/a G

Moved NE from just south of Eunola. A house was destroyed. A resident of the destroyed home described it as "being enveloped in a cloud of sparks. " Trees of all sizes were swept away.

3/12/1912 300 am F3 30 n/a 8 50 n/a G

Moved NE from near Hartford, passing Wicksburg, and through Headland. The worst damage occurred at Headland, where 92 buildings, including 25 homes, were damaged or destroyed, and five people were killed. One person was killed and 26 were injured at Hartford.

3/16/1956 530 am F1 12 20 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
8/30/1974 1215 pm F0 0.1 50 0 0 $300 SD, SPC
5/26/1977 340 pm F1 0.1 20 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
4/12/1980 700 am F2 31 150 0 1 $250,000 G, SD, SPC

Skipped E at Earlytown and on the east side of Slocomb. Most of the 24 structures struck in Earlytown suffered heavy roof damage. In Slocomb, a farm service store and a tractor sales store were damaged.

10/1/1989 530 am F1 3 33 0 0 n/a SD, SPC
11/12/1992 210 pm F0 0.5 10 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
11/22/1992 210 pm F0 2.2 20 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
12/24/1997 739 am F1 1 100 0 1 $250,000 SD, SPC

Tornado touched down one mile east of Geneva at the intersection of County Roads 4 and 6 damaging 6 to 10 residences. 10 to 15 homes and trailers were damaged on J.P. Jones Road near Oak Grove. Numerous trees and power lines were down. There was considerable damage to Christmas decorations at Fowler Park in Geneva.

6/23/1998 300 pm F1 3 100 0 0 $150,000 SD, SPC

Just east of CR 9 about 3.5 miles north of Slocomb, sheet metal off a hay barn was blown 1/4 mile to the ENE. One neighboring property sustained tree and roof damage, a destroyed shed and a damaged hay barn. One nearby mobile home lost its roof with tree limb damage within a one mile radius. Dime sized hail accompanied the storm. South of Slocomb, damage was more severe. Spotty tree damage began about 2 miles south along CR 85. The most danage occurred 1/4 mile east of the New Teamon Baptist Church. Several large oak trees were uprooted, extensive tree limb damage, a mobile home roof damaged, and a barn sustained roof and door damage. Two structures on CR 91 were damaged by fallen trees. One witness observed the tornado as 100 yards wide, moving from NW to SE. Hail fell prior to the tornado passage.

9/29/1998 230 am F1 1 60 0 3 $100,000 SD, SPC

An F1 tornado touched down five miles northeast of Samson off CR 8. One mobile home was lifted 50 feet off its foundation and destroyed. The three occupants sustained minor injuries.

9/29/1998 245 am F1 3 50 0 0 $50,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down in central Geneva County. It skipped along AL Highway 85 between Geneva and Bellwood. Several trees and power lines were toppled. The Providence Church near Bellwood sustained roof damage from fallen trees.

12/16/2000 1134 am F2 5 100 1 9 $2,500,000 SD, SPC

An F2 tornado touched down on West Hendrix Avenue, just north of Highway 27 South, then tore through the Devco Community, Geneva, AL, and continued on through the Bellwood Community just east of Highway 85 before lifting. In its wake, the tornado damaged up to 100 homes and destroyed five mobile homes, damaged or destroyed 15 vehicles, and downed numerous trees and power lines. About 6,000 county businesses and homes were without power until the following day. One woman was killed when her mobile home was hurled about 200 feet and destroyed. Nine others were injured, one of them seriously. Geneva County was declared a federal disaster area. Reported by the Geneva County EMA. F35MH

5/31/2004 220 pm F0 0.2 50 0 0 $5,000 SD, SPC

A weak tornado briefly touched down and toppled trees and power lines. Reported by the Geneva County EMA.

4/13/2009 700 am EF0 0.3 50 0 0 $150,000 SD, SPC

An EF0 tornado touched down near County Road 4 and moved across County Road 55. Several homes were damaged along its short path.

3/1/2012 102 pm EF1 6.67 50 0 0 $50,000 SD, SPC

An NWS storm survey confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down just south of Hartford around 102 pm CST and moved eastward before lifting near the intersection of Cotton Box Road and Davis Mill Road around 114 pm CST. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along the path with roof damage to at least three homes and a barn destroyed. Max winds were estimated around 95 mph with a path width around 50 yards. Monetary damage was estimated.

3/1/2012 114 pm EF1 0.34 30 0 0 $5,000 SD, SPC

A second EF1 tornado touched down briefly near the intersection of Highway 103 and Tindil Creek Road to the south of the first tornado around 114 pm CST. This tornado traveled east-northeastward around one-third of a mile across Tindil Creek Road before lifting around 115 pm CST. Numerous hardwood and softwood trees were snapped and uprooted along its path. The path width was estimated around 30 yards with maximum winds around 95 mph. Monetary damage was estimated.

3/2/2012 617 pm EF0 0.07 25 0 0 $0 SD, SPC

This tornado was seen by at least two people. One person was driving along Highway 52 near Hartford, and the other person who was an instructor pilot out of Ft. Rucker saw it touch down briefly in a peanut field for around 1 minute. No known damage occurred.

3/23/2012 1148 am EF0 1.68 25 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC

A weak tornado touched down near the intersection of County Road 73 and Scott Road, knocking down a few trees in this location. This tornado continued northeastward a short distance where a few houses experienced minor roof damage near 1984 N County Road 49. The tornado then lifted shortly afterwards. The damage was consistent was an EF0 tornado with maximum winds around 80 mph. Monetary damage was estimated.

6/10/2012 1011 am EF1 9.66 440 0 0 $100,000 SD, SPC

It is believed that the damage path from this tornado was nearly continuous from where the tornado first touched down near Niva Drive-In Road and Highway 27, to where it dissipated just north of the Geneva County border east of Chancellor. The bulk of the damage caused by this tornado was in the EF0 range. However, the most significant damage seems to have occurred in the vicinity of County road 99 and Buck Vaughn Road. Damage in and near this location is consistent with EF1.

8/30/2012 144 am EF1 0.41 35 0 0 $20,000 SD, SPC

The Geneva county emergency manager confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down around the Highway 52 and County Road 20 area. Several large trees were blown down, and the roof was blown off a mobile home along with damage to sheds and a barn near County Road 5 and Bear Branch Road. This tornado continued into far southwest Coffee county before lifting. Monetary damage was estimated.

9/17/2012 312 pm EF0 0.09 20 0 0 $10,000 SD, SPC

A brief EF0 tornado touched down between South Canal and South Broad Street in Samson. Several trees and power lines were blown down, including at least one tree on a house as well as roof damage to another house. Law enforcement initially reported seeing a funnel cloud in the area and later confirmed the funnel cloud briefly touched down as a tornado. Max winds were estimated around 80 mph. Monetary damage was estimated. An upper level trough and surface cold front affected the area on September 17-18. A brief tornado occurred in Geneva county.

5/10/2014 207 pm EF1 2.15 100 0 0 $85,000 SD

Damage began just west of Geneva County Highway 9 near the intersection with Thelma Road. The beginning of the damage path appeared to be about 250 yards west of Highway 9 where some light tree damage was noted. More substantial tree damage was noted closer to Highway 9 and along Thelma Road, with numerous snapped or uprooted trees. In addition there was damage to two houses. One had some minor damage to some of the siding and gutters. The other had uplift of some sections of the roof from both the house and a nearby shed. Damage at this location was consistent with estimated peak 3-second wind gusts of around 100 mph based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Some sporadic tree damage was noted to the northeast of Thelma Road near some farm fields, and it seems likely that the tornado was then in occasional contact with the ground for a little over a mile with only some light tree damage noted. A small corridor of more significant damage was noted again just west of Price Road and about 0.3 miles north of Geneva County Highway 4. At that location, a metal building structure being used as a barn was destroyed. The metal beams that supported the structure were embedded at the corners of the building in about a foot of concrete in the ground. These beams and the associated concrete were pulled out of the ground. Nearby damage consisted of some sporadic instances of trees and poles being snapped, as well as a small shed being destroyed. Given the likelihood that the wind entered the larger metal structure relatively unimpeded, and a lack of more significant nearby damage, it`s likely that this structure failed at a slightly lower wind speed with estimated peak 3-second wind gusts of around 105 mph. The last damage was noted in a patch of trees just northeast of the metal structure that was destroyed.


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