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Gulf County, FL

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
2/26/1939 130 am F2 15 150 0 2 n/a G

Moved ENE from SW of Port St. Joe to 10m N of Apalachicola. After touching down in St. Joseph's Bay, the tornado destroyed crops, forests, and small buildings.

4/16/1954 230 pm F0 0.1 10 0 0 $250 SD, SPC
9/24/1956 100 am F2 4 50 0 0 $150,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved generally NNE in an erratic path near Wewahitchka. A frame house was unroofed, and a church was destroyed. Many other buildings were damaged. This tornado was spawned by Hurricane Flossy.

9/15/1960 655 am F0 0.1 10 0 0 n/a SD, SPC
12/10/1967 1000 am F2 0.1 70 0 0 $25,000 G, SD, SPC

Two small homes and a trailer were destroyed 8m S of Wewahitcka.

7/10/1970 1115 am F0 0.1 10 0 0 n/a SD, SPC
3/2/1972 130 pm F1 1 20 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
10/27/1972 610 am F2 1 100 0 1 $250,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NNE from 5m NNW of Apalachicola, tearing apart five homes. Five trailers and two churches were also destroyed. A man was injured when his pickup truck was overturned.

3/9/1976 351 am F0 0.5 33 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
12/24/1978 410 am F1 0.5 20 0 0 $250,000 SD, SPC
1/23/1980 130 am F0 0.3 17 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
7/12/1989 212 pm F1 2 10 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
2/17/1992 720 am F1 1 50 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
2/17/1992 912 am F0 0.2 10 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
1/24/1993 1130 am F1 1.5 50 0 2 $50,000 SD, SPC

A small tornado touched down in an open field, then overturned a mobile home with two occupants and an unoccupied trailer, skipped across a road then dissipated. The two people in the mobile home suffered cuts and bruises but were otherwise fine.

2/17/1995 330 pm F0 2 30 0 0 n/a SD, SPC

Tornado northwest of Wewahitchka was on the ground for 10 minutes, but produced no damage.

3/7/1996 1100 am F0 0.1 25 0 0 $2,000 SD, SPC

A small tornado struck a farm destroying a pumphouse and causing some roof damage.

11/13/1997 600 pm F0 0.1 30 0 0 $5,000 SD, SPC

A waterspout moved ashore causing minimal damage to a convenience store and a few mobile homes.

3/7/1998 102 pm F0 0.7 30 0 3 $35,000 SD, SPC

Waterspout came ashore two miles east of Port St. Joe Beach. Condo roof lifted off on beach side of Highway 98. Two neighboring houses and two vehicles sustained damage from flying debris. Numerous homes reported water damage in the Port St. Joe Beach, Port St. Joe, and Highland View areas.

3/8/1998 300 pm F0 0.5 30 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC

Waterspout came ashore at Sun Ray Court in Beacon Hill. A carport was destroyed and numerous roofs were damaged.

1/2/1999 330 pm F0 1 35 0 0 $30,000 SD, SPC

A brief tornado ripped the tin roof off a tavern, downed several trees, and damaged a vehicle parked in front of a video store. A residence on West Lake View Drive sustained minor damage to its roof and adjoining sheds.

3/16/2000 1120 am F0 0.2 50 0 0 $150,000 SD, SPC

A waterspout developed over St Joseph Bay and moved onshore. An office building sustained minor damage. Reported by the Gulf County EMA.

2/16/2003 537 am F0 0.2 75 0 0 $250,000 SD, SPC

A waterspout came ashore at the north side of Port St. Joe and damaged a dozen homes. A home was damaged by a fallen tree, a carport had collapsed on top of a vehicle, and the front porch of a beach house was blown onto a vehicle. Numerous trees and power lines were down. Reported by the Gulf County EMA.

4/25/2003 905 am F0 0.2 50 0 0 $250,000 SD, SPC

A waterspout came ashore near Windward Street on Cape San Blas. The weak tornado uprooted trees and power lines, and damaged a dozen homes as it moved northeast through Port, Leeward and Angle Fish Streets. Reported by the Gulf County EMA.

9/15/2004 235 pm F0 3 100 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down in Beacon Hill. Minor damage to a few homes, as well as downed trees and power lines occurred along its path. Reported by the Gulf County EMA.

3/7/2005 915 pm F0 0.2 50 0 0 $150,000 SD, SPC

A tornado briefly touched down and damaged several homes and vehicles. Reported by a SKYWARN storm spotter.

3/7/2005 925 pm F0 1 50 0 0 $75,000 SD, SPC

A tornado briefly touched down on Mossy Top Drive in the Douglas Landing Campground. It damaged a barn and destroyed two mobile homes. Reported by a SKYWARN storm spotter.

11/26/2013 900 am EF1 2.92 50 0 0 $200,000 SD

This tornado was rated as an EF1 with max winds estimated around 95 mph and a path length of 2.92 miles. Damage consisted primarily of trees snapped and uprooted with power lines down, but there was also some structural damage to outbuildings and homes. The tornado tracked through the Land's Landing area and through Cochran Landing and out at Cox Landing. The worst damage was on Cox Landing Road where one home and vehicle suffered significant damage. The homeowner's boat was also blown away by the tornado and was missing. The homeowner was not home at the time. At least a few people witnessed this tornado, and dual-pol radar showed a well defined tornado debris signature (TDS) with this storm extending up to around
10,000 ft. Monetary damage was estimated.

8/18/2015 118 pm EF0 0.45 50 0 0 $0 SD

A brief tornado touched down in St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve just west of Indian Pass in Gulf County . Only minor damage to trees was reported. However, the tornado was confirmed via social media reports and eyewitness video obtained through a local media partner.


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