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Holmes County, FL

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
12/10/1894 1000 am F2 12 150 0 10 n/a G

Moved NE in Westville. Homes were destroyed and several people were injured seriously. One may have died.

12/10/1967 800 am F2 10 300 0 0 $25,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NE from the Caryville-Bonifay area to near Chipley. Tow homes were destroyed 4m W of Bonifay.

3/22/1968 1100 am F0 0.1 10 0 0 $300 SD, SPC
6/25/1972 310 pm F2 0.5 27 1 2 $2,500 SD, SPC
1/10/1975 730 pm F0 0.1 10 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
2/17/1975 930 am F1 0.1 10 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
11/8/1989 600 am F0 0.2 10 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
10/4/1995 1145 am F1 12 50 0 0 $10,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down just south of Highway 90 west of Ponce DeLeon and intermittently tracked to Leonia. Two buildings were damaged along with trees and power lines down near Ponce DeLeon and 200-300 pine trees were downed near Leonia.

12/7/1995 227 am F1 0.2 50 0 0 $75,000 SD, SPC

A tornado struck taking the roof off of a home, damaging two vehicles and totally destroying a barn.

12/16/2000 124 pm F2 3 100 0 0 $750,000 SD, SPC

An F2 tornado touched down once just south of Bonifay, lifted, then touched down again before dissipating just east of the city. According to the Holmes County EMA, 39 homes and eight businesses were damaged, and four mobile homes were destroyed. Most of the damage occurred in the vicinity of Son-In-Law Road, just north of Interstate 10. Trees were uprooted and roofs were ripped off homes and businesses in the affected area. Numerous power lines were toppled, knocking out power to several thousand customers. A local state of emergency was declared in Holmes County.

9/25/2002 535 pm F0 0.2 50 0 0 $100,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down and damaged the Poplar Springs School. A school bus was also damaged. Several trees were snapped and hurled into the school's roof and east corridor. Reported by the Holmes County EMA.

11/5/2002 438 pm F0 0.1 50 0 0 $15,000 SD, SPC

A small weak tornado briefly touched down near Interstate 10 and resulted in a few car accidents. There were no injuries. Reported by the Holmes County EMA.

4/29/2004 836 pm F0 0.5 75 0 0 $100,000 SD, SPC

A weak tornado briefly touched down and damaged the city hall. Trees and power lines were also down. Reported by the Westville mayor.

9/15/2004 755 pm F1 4 100 0 0 $250,000 SD, SPC

A tornado destroyed one home and damaged several others. Scattered trees and power lines were down. Reported by the Holmes County EMA.

4/26/2005 505 pm F1 1 150 0 0 $350,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down near Boswell Road and destroyed a barn and downed several trees. After crossing County Road 177A, it damaged a home on Gator Lane and snapped many trees. Another three homes were partially destroyed on Long Round Bay Road before the tornado dissipated. Reported by WJHG-TV Panama City.

8/29/2012 424 pm EF0 0.27 25 0 0 $10,000 SD, SPC

An EF0 tornado touched down in extreme northeast Holmes county along Kirkland Road. Trees were blown down and uprooted, and the front porch was torn from a mobile home with some debris noted in the trees. Monetary damage was estimated.


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