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Lee County, GA

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
3/27/1882 1030 pm F2 9 400 1 30 n/a G

Moved ENE from near Smithville. Tenant homes and barns were destroyed on a dozen plantations. One man was killed in a tenant home, and others may have died from injuries. At least one main plantation house was torn apart near Smithville, and thousands of trees were uprooted. A mile from Smithville, 500 yards of railroad track were "ruined."

2/27/1913 1130 am F2 2 100 0 4 n/a G

Moved NE, destroying seven tenant homes and several barns near Leesburg.

4/2/1936 700 am F2 15 400 1 8 n/a G

Moved ENE, passing 2m N of Neyami and destroying four homes. Two more homes were destroyed in the SE corner of Sumter County.

2/9/1937 1105 am F2 5 150 0 1 n/a G

Moved NE, passing 9m NW of Albany. Three homes were destroyed and two damaged.

3/13/1952 320 pm F1 1 150 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
1/20/1963 500 pm F2 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a G, SD

Skipped ENE from Fort Gaines, passing south of Dawson, north of Leesburg, and ending near Warwick. Fifty buildings were damaged and a grain elevator was destroyed. The worst damage was to farms in Clay County, the only area were a clearly defined funnel was seen. About 20 buildings were destroyed by the combined tornado and downburst winds south of Dawson. About 30 farms in that area reported wind damage.

8/4/1966 920 am F2 0.2 100 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
12/25/1969 400 pm F2 4.7 200 0 7 $25,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NE from 9mm W of Albany. Three small homes were destroyed and others were damaged. Valuable cattle were killed.

2/8/1973 540 pm F0 0.1 20 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
5/3/1984 1030 am F1 2 50 0 0 $250,000 SD
5/1/1989 1030 am F1 0.8 23 0 0 $2,500 SD, SPC
1/25/1990 1215 pm F0 0.5 33 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
10/30/1993 430 am F2 5 750 3 27 $50,000,000 SD, SPC

A tornado struck a subdivision five miles north of Albany and killed three people and injured another 27. At least 42 homes were destroyed or severely damaged. Also, fifteen mobile homes were completely destroyed by the F2 tornado. The three fatalities occurred in a mobile home and all three victims bodies were blown 75 to 150 feet away from the dwelling. Most of the damaged or destroyed homes were two story with brick or stucco exterior. Several residents noted that the tornado sounded like a freight train as it passed overhead. One elderly lady stated that her dog became restless and started barking 20 minutes before the tornado struck her home. Continuous lightning was observed by several residents prior to and after the tornado touchdown. Several cars were destroyed by fallen trees or wind blown debris. Most of the trees downed by the tornado winds were 60 to 70 feet tall Southern Pine. Most trees were snapped in half and laid to rest in a general northeast direction. Property damage estimates topped $12 million dollars. The tornado stayed on the ground most of its lifetime and varied in width from one-quarter to one-half mile. The damage path was approximately five miles long and ran in a SW to NE direction. The forward speed of the tornado was 60 miles an hour. F32MH, M14MH, M8MH

4/14/2007 930 pm EF1 2.5 100 0 0 $500,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down near the Terrell-Lee County line on State Highway 32. Fifteen structures were damaged. A mobile home and frame home were destroyed. One woman was trapped in the bathroom of her home but was not injured. Numerous trees and power lines were down. Nearly 1,000 homes lost power.

3/26/2011 454 pm EF0 0.33 10 0 0 $5,000 SD, SPC

A brief tornado touchdown was confirmed on the north and east side of Leesburg. People reported seeing debris circulating in the air with minor damage to light poles, trees, and outbuildings. The monetary damage figure provided is a rough estimate.

1/30/2013 612 pm EF0 1.51 25 0 0 $1,000 SD, SPC

The public reported a cone shaped funnel cloud near the junction of Forrester Pkwy and Highway 19. The funnel cloud likely briefly touched down as a weak EF0 tornado with winds between 70-80 mph across Lover's Lane Road extending near Pine Ridge and Southill Dr. Trees were blown down along the funnel's track and a roaring sound was heard at a residence. This also was consistent with an area of rotation on radar. Monetary damage was estimated.

A strong system affected the area at the end of January with unusually strong wind fields. The 500 mb winds were as high as 110 knots with the upper level trough, and 850 mb winds reached around 70 knots in the local area. These very strong low level winds combined with SBCAPE values of 300-500 j/kg produced widespread straight line wind damage across the area with numerous trees and power lines blown down as a squall line moved through the area. Strong non-convective related winds also occurred ahead of the main line of convection and resulted in a few trees being blown down.

2/24/2016 126 am EF1 0.20 75 0 0 $50,000 SD

This tornado touched down briefly about 2.9 miles SSE of Chokee with a path length of less than one half mile. There was significant damage to a mobile home roof, along with the complete removal of an asphalt roof of a single family home. This tornado was rated EF1 with max winds estimated around 105 mph. Damage cost was estimated.


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