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Miller County, GA

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
10/28/1955 900 pm F0 0.1 100 1 2 $300 G, SD, SPC

A woman was killed and her parents were injured when a tree was blown into a house, crushing it. This was just a brief touchdown 8m S of Colquitt, near the Decatur County line.

4/5/1982 403 pm F2 7 100 0 1 $2,500,000 G, SD

Hit the southern part of Early County and the SW part of Miller County. There was extensive damage to six homes, a few farm buildings, and irrigation systems. A four-year-old child was hurt by flying glass when her home was destroyed.

10/26/1997 1230 pm F1 1.5 150 0 0 $300,000 SD, SPC

Several F1 tornado touchdowns in southern Miller County. Felled 24" diameter pine trees damaged a mobile home on Mayhaw Road. One home was heavily damaged and nearby boat, camper and chicken house were destroyed. Many power lines were down countywide.

9/29/1998 730 pm F1 2 75 0 2 $750,000 SD, SPC

A strong F1 tornado destroyed a doublewide trailer off Cooktown Rd about 12 miles east of Colquitt. Two of the three occupants were critically injured. The tornado moved north and struck a neighboring farm and ripped roofs off outbuildings, twisted sheet metal, and destroyed a grain bin and farm equipment.

3/12/2001 515 pm F1 2 50 0 2 $500,000 SD, SPC

An F1 tornado touched down just west of U.S. Highway 27 in southern Miller County and tracked east to North Eldorendo Road before it disspiated. Seven mobile homes were damaged. A roof was torn off a frame house. One frame house collapsed. Several sheds were damaged. One single-wide trailer was destroyed. An irrigation system was damaged. Storm damage surveyed by the NWS Tallahassee WCM.

9/15/2004 437 pm F0 4 100 0 0 $125,000 SD, SPC

A tornado caused minor damage to nine homes and two businesses in Colquitt. Reported by the Miller County EMA.

3/22/2005 135 pm F3 15 1250 0 10 $5,500,000 SD, SPC

The tornado, which crossed from Seminole County into Miller County, quickly intensified as it paralleled Highway 91. It damaged nearly 100 homes and destroyed 25 others along its path. It struck a 120+ acre farm on Nobles Road, destroying several storage buildings, welding shop, farrowing house and implement shed, and heavily damaging the family residence. Several irrigation pivots were damaged or destroyed. Many trees and power lines were down. Ten people were injured, two of those critically. The tornado weakened as it approached County Road 45. It continued its northeastward trek across County Road 310 and U.S. Highway 27, then dissipated about three miles southeast of Colquitt. The storm survey was conducted by the NWS Tallahassee WCM and SOO.

8/25/2008 902 pm EF0 0.9 75 0 0 $75,000 SD, SPC

A tornado touched down about three miles north of Enterprise. It first uprooted trees and tore the roof off a home on Mayhaw Road, then traveled northeast where it damaged a barn and destroyed a irrigation pivot on Joe Shingler Road.

3/3/2012 715 am EF0 0.3 25 0 0 $20,000 SD, SPC

An NWS storm survey confirms that an EF0 briefly touched down on Cooktown Road. Damage occurred to one home with the tin roof and front porch torn off. Several pine trees were also snapped and uprooted. Maximum winds were estimated around 85 mph with a width estimated around 25 yards. The path length was estimated to be approximately 0.25-0.30 miles. Monetary damage was estimated.


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