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Randolph County, GA

Date Time (LST) F/EF-Scale Length (Miles) Maximum Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Source*
3/27/1882 1000 pm F3 25 800 8 40 n/a G

Moved ENE, passing south of Cuthbert to 4m N of Dawson. This tornado may have been continunous with the next event, and may have killed as many as 15 people. A 1912 newspaper recollection noted 12 deaths in tenant homes on 15 plantations in Terrell County alone. Three people were killed in homes at a lumber mill community, 2m N of Brown's Station.

6/16/1902 230 pm F2 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a G

A church and small homes were destroyed west of Cuthbert.

3/9/1909 830 pm F3 9 100 5 25 n/a G

Moved NE from SW of Cuthbert to near Nochway. This tornado cut a block-wide track across Cuthbert. Twenty homes were destroyed, and many other homes and businesses were damaged. Fourteen box cars were derailed.

1/17/1943 510 pm F2 10 50 1 50 $75,000 G

Moved NE from 6m S of Shellman, passing directly through Graves. About half of the town was damaged. The upper section of the high school was destroyed and many homes were unroofed and ripped apart. An elderly woman was killed in a small home outside town.

2/3/1956 430 pm F0 0.3 33 0 0 n/a SD, SPC
4/8/1957 630 pm F2 5.2 200 0   $25,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved E in the Friendship community. Three homes, two barns and a church were destroyed.

1/20/1963 515 pm F1 n/a n/a 0 0 $2,500,000 G, SD

Skipped ENE from Fort Gaines, passing south of Dawson, north of Leesburg, and ending near Warwick. Fifty buildings were damaged and a grain elevator was destroyed. The worst damage was to farms in Clay County, the only area were a clearly defined funnel was seen. About 20 buildings were destroyed by the combined tornado and downburst winds south of Dawson. About 30 farms in that area reported wind damage.

4/23/1971 355 pm F3 13.9 500 0 1 $250,000 G, SD, SPC

Moved NE from near Shellman to 6m E of Parrott. Small homes, barns, sheds, grainaries, and silos were destroyed.

3/17/1980 350 pm F1 0.2 50 0 0 $25,000 SD, SPC
9/29/1998 100 pm F1 0.5 70 0 1 $500,000 SD, SPC

Tornado touched down two miles east of Cuthbert off U.S. 82 bypass. A manufacturing plant was destroyed where one employee was injured by falling debris. Several large pine trees were uprooted.

5/2/2004 1033 am F1 7 100 0 6 $100,000 SD, SPC

The tornado continued on a northeast track from Clay County, downing trees and power lines along its path through southern Randolph County. Before lifting, it destroyed a mobile home on County Road 6, off Fountain Bridge Road. Its six occupants sustained minor injuries. Reported by the Cuthbert Fire/EMS and Albany Herald.

3/26/2011 622 pm EF1 0.42 20 0 0 $65,000 SD, SPC

The Randolph county sheriff's department and emergency management reported a tornado touchdown in the city of Benevolence. Damage included several trees and power lines down, one mobile home destroyed, one mobile home severely damaged, and several outbuildings destroyed. The monetary damage figure provided is a rough estimate.

Two outbreaks of large hail-producing supercell thunderstorms occurred over the weekend of March 26-27, 2011. The number of supercells, structure of the storms, and number of reports of large hail received over this two-day event is unprecedented in this forecast area and reminiscent of events that occur out in the plains.

4/7/2016 140 am EF0 0.90 200 0 0 $0 SD

This tornado initially touched down in extreme southern Randolph county about 3.3 miles south of Coleman before moving into Clay county and eventually Calhoun county. Damage in Randolph county was limited to trees. The Randolph county portion of this track was rated EF0.


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