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Arctic Air Plunges into the Great Lakes, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Arctic air dropping through the northern and eastern U.S. and a storm off the east coast will bring periods of snow, very cold wind chills and hazardous traveling conditions from the Upper Great Lakes to the Northeast. Meanwhile in southern California, Santa Ana winds will decrease but hot, dry air will remain over the area with elevated fire weather conditions. Read More >

The Geminid Meteor Shower peaks tonight (Wednesday night) from 10 pm until 4 am. With clear skies and a non-bright moon phase, it will be a great night to view the shower. Make sure to dress appropriately as temperatures will be falling into the 30s overnight.
Another cold front will move into the region this evening and overnight. This front will result in a north wind shift, but gusty winds are not expected until Thursday. Low temperatures tonight and Thursday morning will be in the 30s for most locations.

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The National Weather Service uses the following definitions when describing winter weather:

An advance statement that severe winter weather conditions are possible within the next day or two.

An urgent statement that severe winter weather conditions have begun or will begin within about 12 hours.


A statement that winter weather conditions are imminent or occurring. These conditions will cause significant inconvenience, and may become hazardous or life-threatening if safety tips are not followed.

 Heavy Snow

Snowfall which accumulates to a depth of at least 4 inches in 12 hours or 6 inches in 24 hours.


Pellets of ice composed of frozen or mostly frozen raindrops, or snowflakes which have melted and refrozen.

 Freezing Rain/Freezing Drizzle

Rain or drizzle which falls as liquid then freezes when it strikes the ground or other surface.


The formation of thin ice crystals on the ground or other surfaces.

 Wind Chill

A cooling effect caused when wind blows across exposed skin.