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January 4-6, 2005 Snow Totals
Table listing of totals below the map.

Two weather systems moving out of the southwestern United States affected the area with heavy snowfall from Tuesday afternoon through early Thursday morning. The first system brought snow to mainly northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon spreading northward to about Interstate 90 by Wednesday morning and snowfall amounts were in the 2-4 inch range (with only trace amounts north of I-90). The second system, right on the heels of the first, continued the snowfall south of I-90 on Wednesday and spread further north by the afternoon. By late Wednesday afternoon, many areas over northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin had already accumulated 5-7 inches of snow. The entire area near and south of I-90 was snowing heavily and this continued overnight into Thursday morning before pulling east. By Thursday morning, a storm total snow band of 15-17 inches was located from west of Dubuque, Iowa to west of Waterloo, Iowa. Amounts decreased northward with the I-90 corridor receiving about 4-5 inches and 6-9 inches in central Wisconsin.

Winter Storm Watches were issued around dawn on Tuesday for Wednesday and Wednesday night. The Watches were upgraded to a Snow Advisory for Wednesday and a Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning for Wednesday Night (at 330 am Wednesday).

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Snow totals for January 4-6.


150 PM CST THU JAN 06 2005



OELWEIN 2W                      FAYETTE         17.0
EDGEWOOD                        CLAYTON         13.5
FAYETTE                         FAYETTE         13.1
VOLGA                           CLAYTON         12.6
GARNAVILLO                      CLAYTON         12.5
ELKADER 1SE                     CLAYTON         11.3
CLAYTON CENTER                  CLAYTON         11.0
HAWKEYE                         FAYETTE         11.0
NEW HAMPTON 1S                  CHICKASAW       10.5
DECORAH 5E                      WINNESHIEK      10.5
DECORAH                         WINNESHIEK      10.3
FAYETTE                         FAYETTE          9.7
DECORAH 10NE                    WINNESHIEK       9.0
WAUKON                          ALLAMAKEE        9.0
LANSING 4S                      ALLAMAKEE        9.0
WATERVILLE 8S                   ALLAMAKEE        9.0
ROCKFORD                        FLOYD            9.0
CLERMONT                        FAYETTE          8.3
CRESCO                          HOWARD           8.0
LIME SPRINGS                    HOWARD           8.0
ST ANSGAR 7NW                   MITCHELL         8.0
DORCHESTER                      ALLAMAKEE        7.6
STACYVILLE                      MITCHELL         7.5
CHARLES CITY                    FLOYD            7.5
WAUCOMA                         FAYETTE          6.5
ELMA                            HOWARD           6.4
TOETERVILLE                     MITCHELL         4.0

AUSTIN                          MOWER            7.0
GRAND MEADOW                    MOWER            6.5
RENO 3SW                        HOUSTON          6.4
LE ROY 1S                       MOWER            6.2
PRESTON                         FILLMORE         6.2
HIGHLAND                        FILLMORE         6.0
CALEDONIA                       HOUSTON          5.7
FOUNTAIN                        FILLMORE         5.5
OSTRANDER                       FILLMORE         5.5
SPRING GROVE                    HOUSTON          5.2
SPRING VALLEY                   FILLMORE         4.8
MANTORVILLE 1E                  DODGE            4.5
CHATFIELD 4W                    OLMSTED          4.5
BYRON                           OLMSTED          4.0
DOUGLAS 2N                      OLMSTED          4.0
BYRON                           OLMSTED          4.0
LA CRESCENT 1N                  HOUSTON          4.0 
LA CRESCENT 3W                  HOUSTON          3.8
MANTORVILLE 3E                  DODGE            3.5
STEWARTVILLE                    OLMSTED          3.5
ROCHESTER                       OLMSTED          3.5
WINONA                          WINONA           3.5
KASSON                          DODGE            3.0
BYRON 4S                        OLMSTED          3.0
ALTURA                          WINONA           3.0
ELGIN                           WABASHA          2.7
GOODVIEW 1W                     WINONA           2.3
DODGE CENTER                    DODGE            2.0
WINONA 3S                       WINONA           2.0
ZUMBRO FALLS                    WABASHA          2.0
KELLOGG 4S                      WABASHA          1.9
ROLLINGSTONE                    WINONA           1.5
WABASHA                         WABASHA          1.4
KELLOGG 7SW                     WABASHA          0.3

CASSVILLE 8NE                   GRANT           11.5
LANCASTER WGLR RADIO            GRANT           11.5
WYALUSING                       GRANT           11.5
CUBA CITY                       GRANT           10.5
CUBA CITY 2NW                   GRANT           10.0
VICTORY                         VERNON          10.0
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN                CRAWFORD         9.5
GAYS MILLS                      CRAWFORD         9.4
KIELER                          GRANT            9.1
READSTOWN                       VERNON           9.0
STEUBEN                         CRAWFORD         8.2
RICHLAND CENTER                 RICHLAND         7.9
VIROQUA                         VERNON           6.5
ONTARIO                         VERNON           6.0
ADAMS                           ADAMS            6.0
MAUSTON                         JUNEAU           6.0
PLAINVILLE 5N                   ADAMS            6.0
WILTON                          MONROE           6.0
WESTBY                          VERNON           5.8
BLUE RIVER                      GRANT            5.7
SPARTA                          MONROE           5.5
QUINCY TOWNSHIP                 ADAMS            5.5
ONALASKA                        LA CROSSE        5.4
ARKDALE                         ADAMS            5.0
FRIENDSHIP 10NE                 ADAMS            5.0
LA CROSSE                       LA CROSSE        5.0
LAKE CAMELOT                    ADAMS            5.0
TOMAH                           MONROE           5.0
WARRENS                         MONROE           5.0
STODDARD 3NE                    VERNON           4.9
LA CROSSE NWS                   LA CROSSE        4.8
MORMON COULEE                   LA CROSSE        4.5
HOLMEN 2S                       LA CROSSE        4.4
TOMAH                           MONROE           4.3
BLUE RIVER                      GRANT            4.2
NECEDAH                         JUNEAU           4.1
BANGOR 1N                       LA CROSSE        4.0
TREMPEALEAU                     TREMPEALEAU      3.9
MILLSTON                        JACKSON          3.4
ETTRICK                         TREMPEALEAU      3.0
TAYLOR                          JACKSON          3.0
ARCADIA                         TREMPEALEAU      2.8
ETTRICK 2W                      TREMPEALEAU      2.7
BLAIR                           TREMPEALEAU      2.5
OSSEO                           TREMPEALEAU      2.0
GILMANTON 8SE                   BUFFALO          2.0
COCHRANE                        BUFFALO          1.5
WITHEE                          CLARK            1.2
GILMANTON 6W                    BUFFALO          1.0
LONGWOOD                        CLARK            1.0
NEILLSVILLE                     CLARK            1.0
MEDFORD                         TAYLOR           1.0
PERKINSTOWN 5E                  TAYLOR           0.8
ELK MOUND                       DUNN             0.3