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Widespread severe weather struck western and central North Dakota from the evening of Tuesday, June 21, 2016 into the very early morning hours of Wednesday, June 22.

There were two tornadoes, several funnel clouds, and numerous reports of intense winds and very large hail, golf ball and tennis ball to baseball size, that did tremendous damage. Damage estimates to structures and crops will be in the tens of millions of dollars at least.

A storm moving through Hettinger County Tuesday evening dumped baseball size hail at New England, caused a flash flood at Regent, and dropped a tornado just west and south of Mott. The city of Mott was spared a direct hit by the tornado. The tornado caused very significant damage to a home southwest of Mott and based on the damage was rated EF1. The three stall garage and half the roof were torn from the home and strewn through a field for one mile. The people were aware of the severe weather risk and after hearing warnings, took shelter. No one was injured or killed. A different storm in McKenzie County produced a brief tornado three miles west of Watford City. There was no damage and so it was rated EF0.

From midnight to about 3 AM, thunderstorms with intense winds of 75 to 100 mph moved from Oliver County, across Burleigh and Emmons counties, and into Logan County. 75 mph winds near Price downed trees and power lines. 75 mph winds in north Bismarck flipped a camper, trapping three people inside. Just north of Bismarck trees crashed through the roofs of homes and outbuildings. Near Lincoln a trailer was flipped. 84 mph winds were measured near Moffit. 95 mph winds tore through Hazelton damaging homes and farm equipment. There, a green house was destroyed and hay bales and water tanks were moved. In the Napoleon area 100 mph thunderstorm winds, non-tornadic, significantly damaged a farm and brought down power poles.

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