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Drought Monitor and Outlooks
North Dakota Drought Monitor
Drought Monitor
Drought Outlook
Palmer Drought Index
Rain Needed To End Drought
Abnormally Dry (D0) - Going into drought: short-term dryness slowing planting, growth of crops or pastures; fire risk above average. Moderate Drought (D1) - Some damage to crops, pastures; fire risk high; streams, reservoirs, or wells low, some water shortages developing or imminent, Severe Drought (D2) - Crop or pasture losses likely; fire risk very high; water shortages common; water restrictions imposed. Extreme Drought (D3) - Major crop/pasture losses; extreme fire danger; widespread water shortages or restrictions. Exceptional Drought (D4) - Exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses; exceptional fire risk; shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells, creating water emergencies.

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Drought Ingredients
Crop Moisture
Ensemble 1M Soil Percentile
CPC Soil Moisture Percentile


Short Term Drought Blend
Short Term Components
Long Term Drought Blend
Long Term Components


7 Day Streamflow Ranking
7 Day Streamflow to Drought Rating

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