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This page is used to collect observations from SKYWARN Spotters and other volunteers from around Southern New England. These observations are used to aid forecasters in the forecast process during an ongoing event, and to verify warnings after an event. Some reports (not all) will appear in Public Information Statements which are issued during and after significant weather events. Please fill in only the fields that apply.
We ask that you supply your name and a phone number or an email address, in case we need to verify or get more information about the conditions or event that you report. This is optional! Privacy Policy
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Snowfall: Total amount for THIS storm (inches) Freezing Rain
Snowfall rate: in the past Hrs Mins Sleet
Snow depth: Total amount on ground (inches) Blowing and drifting snow
Ice Accumulation: Whiteout conditions
Current Temperature Thunder Snow

Precipitation: Total amount for THIS storm (inches) Flooded road - water depth greater than 6"
Precipitation rate: in the past Hrs Mins Flooded road - water depth less than 6"
    Pavement washed away
    Flooded basements
    First floor flooded in houses/businesses
    Small River/Stream/Creek over its bank
Name of river, stream or creek in flood: Large river over its bank
Flooding due to Ice Jam
Event type:  Non-Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
Sustained Wind Speed: MPH KTS Downed tree(s)
Wind Gust: MPH KTS Downed tree limb(s)
Wind was: Measured Estimated Downed Utility pole(s)
    Downed Utility line(s)
Hail/Tornado Wind damage
Hail size
Diameter of down tree/limb(s)
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