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Current Conditions as of 9:00 AM EDT Sun Oct 02 2022
Location Air Temp
Water Temp
Wave Height
Colchester Reef59SW13G14N/AN/A
Diamond Island57SW3G557.8N/A
Burton Island58SW4G6N/AN/A
Schuyler Reef BuoyN/AN/A62.8N/A
Note: Marine observations listed above are largely maintained outside of the control of NOAA/NWS, and thus, may be old or missing at times. Colchester Reef, Diamond Island, and Burton Island are owned by the Forecast Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. The Schuyler Reef buoy is operated by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and is experimental for only the summer of 2021.

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Forecast Valid: 6AM EDT Sun Oct 02, 2022 to
6PM EDT Thu Oct 06, 2022

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