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An upper level low pressure system sat just west of central Iowa on June 20th with a surface low tracking into southwest Iowa.  The systems ushered in showers and storms throughout Iowa.  The environment, while not overly supportive of damaging straight line winds or severe hail development, it was highly supportive of strong low level rotation.  With lifted condensation levels well under 1000m as well, conditions were ripe for small rotating storms and associated funnel clouds and short lived tornadoes.  While a number of tornado reports were received and confirmed across central and north central Iowa, only one tornado, just west of Perry, Iowa, was associated with reported damage as of Thursday morning.  Storm survey damage indicated a transient tornado that essentially "skipped" along its path causing sporadic tree damage.  In most instances, pine trees were uprooted along with medium to large tree branches down.  Sporadic crop damage was also observed along the path.


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