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A Georgia Ice Storm
January 25 - 27, 2004

by Terry Murphy

[ map of Georgia highlighting areas hit with significant icing ] A large portion of eastern Georgia experienced icing in late January. In some counties, the event was a nuisance, but in others icing was moderately severe, resulting in power outages as ice-laden trees and power lines fell.

The event was set up when a shallow layer of cold air pushed into northeast Georgia on Sunday January 25. Northeast winds continued to push cold air westward and southward on the 26th until temperatures dropped to the freezing mark or lower as far south as the greater Augusta area. When rain spread across the state late Sunday and Monday, it froze on contact with many above-ground objects. In locations where temperatures were cold enough, roads also became covered in ice. The storm ended when temperatures rose above freezing on the 27th. But, for some, the effects lasted for a few more days, as there were many trees and limbs to clean up before power could be restored.


[ cold northeast winds push temps below freezing ]

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[ icing of trees in Habersham County ]
courtesy Shane Adams

Additional pictures from Habersham and Gwinnett Counties