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Georgia's Severe Thunderstorms of April 8, 2006

posted April 10, 2006

4 known tornadoes in North and Central Georgia...

A strong cold front pushed violent, damaging thunderstorms south through Georgia on Saturday April 8, 2006. Many of the thunderstorms north of Interstate 20 produced hail. Some produced damaging winds, with recorded speeds of 60 mph or higher. And there were at least 4 tornadoes. The tornadoes ranged in intensity from F0 to F2 and occurred

These occurred in the predawn hours.

There were many homes damaged - mostly from falling trees. Some businesses were also either destroyed or damaged. Railroad cars were overturned, as was at least one tractor trailer. On Lake Lanier (northeast of Atlanta) high winds caused damage to several boat docks and to a number of docked boats.

During the entire event there were no reported fatalities, but there were reports of a few people injured. Details and numbers are unknown.

Thunderstorms weakend after daybreak, but later in the day, storms re-intensified and produced more hail and wind damage in Central Georgia.

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