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January's Springlike Outbreak of Severe Thunderstorms
January 2, 2006

updated Wednesday Jan 23, 2006

[ Visible satellite image showing storms at 4pm est ]

6 tornadoes in North and Central Georgia...

Similar to an occurrence of severe thunderstorms just the previous week (December 28, 2005), on January 2, 2006 there was a sudden eruption of severe thunderstorms across portions of North and Central Georgia (mainly Central GA). This time the event involved at least 6 tornadoes, and several occurrences of large hail. The tornadoes ranged in intensity from F0 to F3, and occurred

There was damage to homes and other structures including barns and silos, damage to vehicles and farm equipment, and damage to many trees. There were numerous reports of hail up to the size of quarters. Baseball size hail was the largest hail reported (Jones County). There were apparently a few people injured.

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[ location of tornadoes on Jan 2, 2006 ] Fulton/Fayette Henry Pike Jones Johnson/Emanuel Lamar