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During the afternoon and evening hours of May 12, 2022, a strong line of thunderstorms developed across southern Nebraska and quickly raced northeast.  As these storms moved north, they produced extreme winds across portions of the Northern Plains.   Widespread straight-line winds between 50 and 70 mph were reported, with smaller areas of 80 to 100 mph winds.  The highest wind gusts reported included a measured 107 mph gust in Tripp, SD, 97 mph wind gust in Madison, SD and a 90 mph wind gust in Huron, SD. 

By the evening, a second line of thunderstorms developed in eastern Nebraska and lifted northeast across portions of Iowa, Minnesota, and extreme eastern South Dakota.  While weaker, these storms continued to produce wind gusts between 50 and 87 mph.  

The collection of storms will be considered a "derecho", which by definition is a long lasting storm system capable of producing extreme winds and damage over an extended area of space and time.  Significant damage to residential, commercial, and agricultural areas was reported in many communities across the Tri-State area.  Vehicles and high profile vehicles were blown off several roads, shutting down traffic on Interstate 29 and 90.     

In addition to the damage, these storm brought incredible amounts of dust and debris northward, leading to near zero visibility as the storms passed across the area. 

The environment these storms developed in, led to the issuance of a "Particularly Dangerous Situation" (PDS) severe thunderstorm watch for much of the Sioux Falls forecast area.  This was the first "PDS Watch" issued for any part of the Sioux Falls forecast office since 2015, and the largest PDS Watch issued since 2008. 

May 12th Derecho - Part 1
May 12 Derecho - Part 1
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