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Recap of August 2018 Weather for the 30-county NWS Hastings Coverage Area:

August 2018 Precipitation

- Rainfall: In some ways, August rainfall was similar to July, as there was little in the way of truly wet or dry extremes across the area, with most places receiving somewhere between 1.50"-4.50", and only very isolated spots more than 5". Overall though, and roughly speaking, around 60% of the area received at least slightly above normal rain, and around 40% was at least slightly below normal. Generally speaking, the overall wettest areas (greatest coverage of totals over 3.50") focused within eastern and southwestern counties, while the primary localized "bullseye" of modestly below-normal amounts was clearly centered over much of Furnas/southern Gosper counties. Per dozens of NWS/CoCoRaHS observers, a few of the highest official August totals featured: 6.31" at Naponee, 5.86" near Franklin, 5.83" near Hildreth and 5.84" at Gaylord KS.  On the drier (but not extremely dry) side of things, a few of the lowest monthly amounts included: 1.33" at Edison, 1.34" in Beaver City, 1.43" at Gothenburg, and 1.53" north-northwest of Oxford.

As for short-term/24-hour-or-less rain totals: Somewhat unusually for August, there was only ONE known report in excess of 3" from the entire NWS coop observer/CoCoRaHS network, that being 3.20" reported four miles of Geneva (most of which fell on the 19th). 

- Flooding: This was a fairly "quiet" month in terms of flooding issues. In fact, NWS Hastings issued zero Flash Flood Warnings or Flood Warnings (river/point or areal) during the month. Although much of the area observed near-to-slightly above normal monthly rainfall, most of it was adequately "spaced out" over time to mitigate flooding. 

Temperatures: For the second-straight month, temperatures averaged slightly below normal, with most official stations averaging 1-3º below. Overall, the second half of August averaged slightly cooler than the first half. The overall-coolest stretch of the month was centered between the 19th-23rd. Over the course of these five days, none of the Tri Cities airport stations exceeded 75º. Although this particular 5-day streak was not unprecedented in August, it had been 14 years since it had happened in Grand Island/Hastings, and 12 years since it occurred in Kearney! As for monthly extremes per official NWS observers/stations, some of the hottest readings (all occurred on the 27th) featured: 100º at Webster Dam KS and Beaver City, 99º at Smith Center KS and 98º at Kirwin Dam and Beloit KS. On the opposite end of the thermometer, the chilliest overnight lows mostly occurred on the 29th, including: 43º at Greeley, 45º at Gothenburg (on the 21st), and 46º at several locations, including the airports at: Grand Island, Ord, Lexington, Aurora and York. 

Severe Thunderstorms/Tornadoes (for all finalized/official severe storm reports refer to NCEI Storm Events Database):
- # of confirmed tornadoes during August 2018: 1...rated EF-1...occurred with a supercell storm in northwestern York County on the evening of Aug. 6th, approximately 7 miles north of Bradshaw. Path length approx. 1.6 miles. This tornado caused minor damage to a home and also damaged grain bins and several trees. Some larger cedar trees were snapped 2-3 ft. above ground.
- Largest known hail stone reported to NWS Hastings: 2" diameter...four miles north-northeast of Bradshaw on the evening of the 6th.
- Strongest known measured thunderstorm wind gust: 60 MPH at York airport on the evening of the 6th.
- Notable thunderstorm damage reported to NWS Hastings: 1) A severe supercell storm on the evening of the 6th not only spawned 1 tornado (see above), but also caused considerable crop damage/damage to grain bins/irrigation pivots etc. along a swath from central Merrick County-northeast Hamilton County-northwestern and central York County...2) An unusually severe storm (given the time of day) tracked through central/southern Howard County around
4 AM on the 16th, causing considerable crop damage from a combo of hail/wind and also caused some structural damage to grain bins, irrigation pivots, roofs and siding, etc.
- # of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued by NWS Hastings: 11 (this was 51 fewer than Aug. 2017) 
- # of Tornado Warnings issued by NWS Hastings: 2 (both issued on the evening of the 6th for a supercell storm in Merrick/Hamilton/York counties This was 2 more Tornado Warning than last Aug. 2017, when none were issued. 
- The most active severe weather days (generally with the most storms and/or most reports): 6th, 16th

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