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Sep. 2019 Summary (HOT and rather dry for most):
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September 2019, above all else, was a hot month, as most of the area averaged 5-7º above normal, with warm overnight lows carrying a bit more "weight" than daytime highs. For most official NWS stations, this ranked between the 2nd-10th warmest September on record, and for many (including Grand Island and Hastings) was the overall-warmest since the 1930s! As for rainfall, quite honestly most folks likely welcomed the fact that roughly 85% of the area averaged below-normal (in the wake of a notably-wet August that featured considerable flooding in some places). In fact, roughly 35% of the area measured less-than-half of normal September rainfall, with some of the overall-driest places focused within Nance, Greeley and Sherman counties (where totals under 1" were most widespread). Of the only around 15% of the area that was wetter-than-normal, this primarily concentrated within parts of Thayer, Nuckolls and Phillips counties. The Thayer/southern Fillmore area was overall-wettest, highlighted by 6.73" at Hubbell (by far the highest official monthly total in our local area). 

NOTE: All information in this story pertains to the 30-county NWS Hastings Coverage Area

September 2019 Precipitation


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